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Hello and thanks for visiting fivesquid. Here you’ll find some information about us, press coverage highlights to date and our media assets. If you’d like any more information, please contact our press team who are happy to help. 

About fivesquid

fivesquid is a secure online marketplace where individuals and companies trade skill-based services. The site has a comprehensive range of services for every budget and its clear, simple and secure transaction process makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell online.

With a growing global community of members, we provide the perfect platform for individuals looking to generate extra income and for companies seeking cost-effective, short term resources. We’ve got some great case studies of both buyers and sellers on the platform. 

fivesquid vs. traditional freelance websites

Freelancers traditionally quote fees based on an individual project, client, location and project scope and when this is based on an hourly rate, the price doesn’t always reflect on the deliverables. At fivesquid however, we operate a fixed fee structure, so the price and timeframe for delivery of each service is clear from the outset. Buyers know what they are paying for prior to purchase, so there are no hidden surprises; and should anything go awry, our customer support team are on hand to get things back on track. 

Company Logos

For more images and to get access to the image repository, please contact to get individual access to images available for publishing. If you need a fivesquid logo please use any of the following: 

fivesquid in the Press

fivesquid’s top tips for getting your start-up off the ground

With the number of unemployed reaching 750,000 in the UK, there’s never been more pressure to get out of that rut and start your own business Read the full article

Employees who have secret jobs

HR Magazine included as part of a case study about employees who have secret jobs. On 27% of members work full-time and sell services through the website.

fivesquid founder comments on what startups want from new government manifestos

The guardian Small Business Network - During the 2015 General Elections, Terry Koutsios, founder and CEO of was asked to comment about what startups are looking for from the new government manifestos.

fivesquid financial advice column

March 2015 - Closer magazine mentioned as part of their financial advice column.

Tips from the experts - Customer Service

Terry Koutsios, the founder and CEO of gives startups customer services tips. Instant Offices has a thriving blog for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. Read the full article

Home Business Heroes: fivesquid’s Terry Koutsios looks into how is driving the peer-to-peer economy in 2015. With some members earning over £14,000 maybe it's time for everyone to start monetising their skills and hobbies? Read the full article

fivesquid is Theo Paphitis's company of the week

Theo Paphitis chose as the company of the week as part of #SBS

Interview with fivesquid founder Terry Koutsios

StartupTV Magazine interviewed the founder of Terry Koutsios. To watch the full interview follow the link below. Other people interviewed include Duncan Bannatyne, Jacqueline Gold, and Caprice. Read the full article

BBC2's The Rich and US features fivesquid

BBC2 - The Rich and Us The company was listed as part of the growing micro-jobbing trend that allows individuals to earn an extra income online

How to outsource my life with fivesquid

Five pounds barely buys you a sandwich and a bag of Popchips these days. What it will get you are the services of cash-strapped techies who offer their skills on Read the full article

Ten top business trends born out of recession is a new online community where people share their unique skills and expertise for £5. Services range from “I will plan your holiday to Las Vegas for £5” to “I will increase your Twitter followers by 10,000+ for £5” to “I will narrate your video / story / clip in my South African accent for £5”. It’s a win-win, people get certain services they need for cheap and others make quick and easy cash using their er… talents. Read the full article

Internet entrepreneurs using fivesquid to make cash

Internet entrepreneurs are coming up with canny ways to make cash – by offering services for a fiver. From doing your homework to ‘protecting’ on computer game Call of Duty, anything is up for grabs on website

£5 can get you anything with fivesquid

According to a new website, £5 can now get you anything from business cards to a 20 minute language lesson. is an online community where people share their expertise for a fiver.

It’s surprising to see what people will do for £5

At it’s quite surprising to see what people will do for a fiver. Many of these people are small businesses, trying to make a name and offering their services at knock-down prices to get a good reputation.

Kitty of X-Factor fame offered voicemail services on fivesquid

The website, which gives people the chance to pay just £5 for any service they need. Kitty, who formerly worked as a Britney Spears tribute act, also offers to record a personalised voicemail as the American pop star.

fivesquid closes its latest funding round a marketplace that lets people buy and sell micro services starting from a fiver has just closed a funding round resulting in half a million-dollars investment. The current funding round will go into developing software to take the business away from being classified as a website purely for freelancers but also a hub for entrepreneurs looking to create/grow their businesses.

Experienced sellers offer brand identity work within 3 days for £20

On service sellers with 14 years experience in the design industry offer logo and brand identity design including unlimited revisions and a 3-day turnaround for £20.

fivesquid allows sellers to choose the price of their service

Unlike its competitors, allows people to choose between 4 price categories to list their services (£5, £10, £20, £50), which is easily accessible for start-up businesses looking to save costs on resources. All pricing is in British pound sterling and gets converted into the relevant currencies at purchase

Fun and Bizarre services: In-game body guards for hire with fivesquid

Don't like gaming alone? You can hire an in-game bodyguard in the Fun & Bizarre section of, where people advertise services for £5.

fivesquid features in Gadget Show's top 3 unique Christmas gift ideas came third for unique Christmas shopping ideas. Read the full article

five tech fixes for a fiver with fivesquid

Thanks to a new website called your crisp £5 note may stretch a lot further than you’d think for. All manner of wares and services are being offered through the site, from useful tech stuff like the advice of an SEO specialist for your website. Read the full article

X Factor’s Kitty Brucknell was a fivesquid seller

X Factor’s Kitty Brucknell once offered a variety of odd jobs on a website which gives people the chance to pay just £5 for any service they need.

Home Business Heroes: fivesquid’s Terry Koutsios

Smarta the Startup Advice publication interviewed Terry Koutsios the founder of The interview covered everything from starting a business from home to growing an idea into a real product. Read the full article

Toby sells himself as an online protector for Xbox shooting games

Toby, from Hythe in Hampshire, is offering his services on the website (where people advertise tasks they are willing to undertake for a fiver) as an online protector for players of various Xbox 360 shooting games.

fivesquid in Which? top 50 ways to make money

Which? mentioned as part of their top 50 ways to make money. Their research found that you can earn an extra £930 a year by using their money making ideas. Read the full article

fivesquid lets the general public buy any service a website which lets the general public sell pretty much any kind of service for a fiver including buying Twitter followers!

Easy ways to make money when your measly salary isn’t enough

The Debrief - Have you got a 'skill'? Or a big social-media presence? is the website that lets you offer your services for money – starting at £5 (hence the name, in case you didn’t get it, in which case your 'skill' probably isn't 'being good at noticing things'). These services can be everything from retweeting a link 20 times, photoshopping Instagram pictures, creating a logo, help with tax returns; the whole lot. You'll be amazed at what people will pay for Read the full article