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Daniel Evans

I am a freelance graphic artist from the North-East of England with a speciality for logo design, branding and corporate identity. As well as operating my own graphic design business "Webcore Design", my past (and current) experience has involved working remotely on behalf of Hewlett Packard in Utah and design agencies in Seattle and New York and various agencies in Britain. My recent work is featured in the publications: IHeartLogos Season 1, IHeartLogos Season 2, IHeartLogos Season 3, Damn Good, Logos 2 - Bright Ideas in Logo Design, LogoPond Vol 1, Logo Nest 02, Logo Lounge 7 and Logo Creed by Rockport Publishers. I hold a Wolda '10 award for 5 logo design pieces as well as a Mazie (Amazing Pixels) Award, and Silver Hiiibrand Award in the Professional Logo Design Category appearing in the magazine publication; New Graphic 30.

“Very good quality work by a real professional. Delivered fast with good communication and I was able to revise the work. Excellent all round! Highly recommended. Thank you!”
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