Word up - the OED new words March 2018

Regular readers will know that the fivesquid team really do get over excited when the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announces new words and the latest instalment was no exception with the addition of a whopping 700 new words. As ever we've spent a ridiculous amount of time researching these words and we’ve selected our favs… word up...


Slang for bubble tea, a usually cold, tapioca drink from East Asia… apparently nicer than it sounds. The fivesquid team need some convincing to stray from their beloved English breakfast tea - one lump or two?! 

Bubble water: 

We thought this was another form of drink from Asia… how wrong were we?! It’s actually a bottom burp under water, not something we’ll be drinking anytime soon! 

Everyfing and everythink: 

Oh my…  the more traditionalist of the fivesquid team were spluttering in their tea at this inclusion….  you can hear them ‘what is the World coming to? The Youth of today'… surely they mean Youf! Yep the OED have recognised the wrong, but now accepted, pronunciation of everything. 


This stems from an evening paper, but can also be used to describe an evening person... calling all owls - you’ve got a new label. 


An evolution of everyman - a guy that’s like like every other, no remarkable features. We’re not a fan of this word, we think every guy or girl is remarkable in one way or another - especially you peops in the fivesquid community.


We all know them, people who are constantly on the pulse, they instinctively seem to know what’s on trend, achingly so. 


A man that is social with another man, it has no inference of sexual orientation. Just friends of the same sex hanging out.

Jock Tamson’s Bairns:

Ok, we picked this one just cause it stood out. It’s an old Scottish saying that has apparently come into common language - don’t worry we hadn’t either! In a nutshell it means that we’re all the same, regardless of religion, race. We’re all human: a small but very special group. 


A Scottish word to prove something by your actions. Go on we encourage you to Kithe your freelancing skills on fivesquid! 


fake news anyone?! nuff said. 


These new words will divide many, but they're symbolic of social change in our world and here at fivesquid we embrace this change. Now it’s a long wait for the summer for the next addition of words, so we’ll have to keep ourselves entertained with this latest batch of words for a few months. 


Source: Oxford English Dictionary