Why is your URL important? Three key questions answered

Picture thousands entrepreneurs putting the final touches to their business plans and preparing to launch and thoughts turn to their website to showcase their big idea. They go to register their domain only to find their dream URL has been taken, what now? Most times a lot of entrepreneurs do not consider the availability of a domain name before finalising their business names. Things are a lot different these days, in fact, many new companies actually secure their domain names and URL before anything else.

There are several things can go wrong at the point of securing a URL for your website, many times you discover someone else beat you to it by purchasing the domain name and URL first. Sometimes the URL is up for sale but it costs 10 times more than it should, or you wanted .com but you .biz is left! So what then do you do when it feels like all is lost. First of all don’t despair you have options.


1. An international domain (.com), localised domain (.co.uk) or industry related (.tech, .biz) ? Does it really matter?

It depends on the kind of products and services your business will offer, and also where your target market or customers are based. Generally, a .com means that your business offers it’s products or services to a global market, while a .co.uk means that your business is more focused on the UK customers. Similarly, a .tech or .biz easily gives away the industry or sector your business belongs to.


2. Must the URL be the same as the business name?

There really isn't a one-size fits all approach to this. Many companies are well known but their URL and business names are quite different. That may not necessarily be the way to go if your business website is new. If your business has a long name then perhaps a different URL could work. A short URL is always favorable, but more importantly, it has to be memorable. You can slip in a keyword that relates to your business, you want to make sure that your URL is SEO friendly. You want to make sure that search engines rank your website high up when your customers are looking for products and services that you offer. So to answer the question – No, your URL and business name don’t have to be the same, at least not in 2019.


3. Should I buy multiple URLs?

Why not? At the point of registering your URL, you will most likely find that it is available in other variations such as .co, .net, .biz and so on. While it is important to snatch these other because of misspellings such as .co instead of .com, you also want to do this to improve the visibility of your website.


We hope the above helps you make a decision on how to take a url for your new business – good luck with you venture and if you need some amazing and cost effective web design freelancers – you know where to find them on fivesquid the UK's favourite freelance platform.