Help! I want to sell online, but I have no idea what to sell? 

Do you find yourself wishing you had more get up and go? Do you feel like, thanks to a world full of ‘amazing’ influencers, that you’re surrounded by people that just seem to have it all sussed out? Do you wish perhaps you were more entrepreneurial? It's not that you lack the motivation, energy, drive and work ethic - is it just that you don’t know what your thing is or should be? We hear this a lot from a cadre of nine-to-fivers with their eyes looking dream like at a world where they still work hard, but for themselves doing something that gives them real purpose making the hard work all the more rewarding then the current humdrum. So how do you break into the world of working for number one? First up, if any of the above resonates with you, stop being so hard on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. The time is to focus on you, by finding that thing that fires you up, that you can sell online and make a living out of … paying the bills are a sad fact of life! 

Think about your day job

Drill down to the tasks that you do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, in your current role. Are these tasks things that you could package into individual services? It could be anything such as: setting annual budgets for a department, project managing, providing handy templates, desk research, reporting, presentations, brainstorming - the list is endless.

Your second nature is someone's need

Is there something that you do without giving said task a second thought? This could be something that people will find valuable and want to buy. We’re thinking second languages, organisational skills - are you the go to mum to organise parties and school runs (them be skills) or do play a musical instrument… online tuition?  

Cash in on your hobbies

You could be living the dream by cashing in on your hobbies. Think about what you like to do in your spare time, is there a way you could make money out of it? Admittedly easy if your hobby is craft based you’ve got an output you can sell. You may have to think out of the box slightly. An example could be if you’re a rugby player you could offer advice on game tactics and share training session ideas. 

People will buy knowledge bombs

Say what? Yep, knowledge is power, peeps want power and they’ll pay for it - ok, a little strong. However, if you’re skilled at what you do people will pay for your advice and consultancy in your specialised area - it’s not just for professionals like, lawyers and accountants, anything goes. If you’re a brilliant blog writer at work, you could offer advice on how to go about setting up a blog for a business - answering questions some may not have the answer to such has how much resource do I need? how do you go about setting up a blog schedule? keywords, SEO etc? Someone looking to start a blog or is considering on creating a content role in their business, could often do a sounding board to decide how to proceed. You never know they may ask you to do the work for them!

What’s your party trick? 

An uncanny impersonation, double jointed?… Come on now - we’ve all got a little something we do that gets a raised eyebrow. If it’s clean and legal (very important), you could sell this service.  Over the years on fivesquid we have seen some hilarious services from peeps, if you can personalise you doing something extraordinary (it could even just be a message on board while you do it) there is an audience out there. 

Go on, give it a try you’ve got nothing to lose. fivesquid is the perfect platform to give something a try - it’s free to join and add services. Check out our posts offering advice on how to sell and let us know when you start cashing in on your untapped talents. Team fivesquid is rooting for you and we’d be super stoked to promote these fab new services!