Using reddit for business

Last time we talked about using Reddit to share links and content, its social media aggregation, how it works and how users share and vote on links to content, news and articles, and you can see our last article here. In today's article, we discuss how you can use Reddit to promote your brand, products and/or services.

Using Reddit

Just to summarise, Reddit allows users to share links from other social media platforms, news articles and websites, users then decide whether to upvote or downvote each particular post.

As a business, Reddit can be a very powerful way of promoting your brand, especially if you have quality content on your website. Also, what is most useful is having blog articles on your website such as ‘How To’ guides and in-depth information on your products and services. Sharing such information can drive traffic directly to your website with the potential of converting to sales and orders.

Understanding Reddit’s Geography

What should be noted is that Reddit’s users are predominantly based in the USQ, followed by Canada and the UK, so when it comes to sharing, consider these markets. Having said that, there are more than 330 million monthly users globally, so plenty of opportunities. Another way of getting more exposure is through the use of press releases, whether it is the launch of a new product or service, a special offer or in-depth information on how your products and services can benefit people and/or other companies.

When promoting your brand, make sure that the articles and web content you're sharing are of the highest quality, interesting and engaging. Avoid spamming out pages just for the sake of it and try to update your website with fresh, unique content. A lot of Reddit’s users are interested in fresh information and content, not old news that can lead to being downvoted.

Reddit in Summary

Overall, Reddit has roughly the same number of users of Twitter, more than Linkedin and other platforms such as Pinterest, making it the ideal place to promote your business and brand and to reach the masses as part of your social media presence.