Top ten new words from the Oxford English Dictionary March 2019

Not only did March bring the first signs of Spring and with it the promise of warmer weather, the odd pair of shorts were spotted at the end of the month and the air had a whiff of bbq about it. March also brought with it some brand spanking new words from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). As ever the fivesquid team were spoilt for choice when selecting their top 10 from the list of new words. Find yourself a sitooterie (all will be revealed), grab a brew and check out fivesquid’s top ten new words from the latest instalment from the OED… drum roll please: 

fivesquid’s top ten new words from the OED are… 

Aperol: The scene has already been set, the shorts, the whiff of bbq - now the reddy orange bitter drink from Italy mixed with prosecco soda water, lots of ice and a large sphere of orange, the glass is perspiring much like your top lip, a long deep slurp from your (metal) straw and you feel the cool bitter taste quench your thirst… are you there yet?… Aperol Spritz anyone? Who knew the OED were such a wild bunch!! And if you’ve completely lost track, Aperol is an Italian aperitif. 

Bigsie: This is such a fivesquid kinda word… who’s the bigsie then? A bigsie as you may well guess is someone who has an inflated view of themselves - not necessarily in an endearing way. 

Bowf and Bowfing: Bowf is a stench and a Bowfing is something or someone (we’re not saying anything) that is more than a little stinky. It’s such a great word and one that you can really add some emphasis to when you say it.

Chipmunky: Could this be the latest flavour from Ben and Jerry?… no, but we called if first. It describes something or someone that has chipmonk like behaviours and according to the OED their behaviours are pretty cheeky.  We like a bit of chipmunky - ice-cream or otherwise! 

Coorie: No, not your favourite ITV soap opera. It's a word that describes the action of squatting down to hide from danger. Apparently it can only be used for the downward motion of hiding, so you cannot coorie up a tree. 

Eeksie-peeksie: We couldn’t not pick this one. It means pretty evenly balanced - think 50:50. 

Geggie: This one had us stumped. It’s a word for your mouth… not often used in the nicest way. More of a “shut your geggie” basically telling someone to hush now. 
Hensopper: A hensopper is someone who gives up … certainly not a fivesquid freelancer that’s for sure. The word originates from South Africa during the Boer War when they surrendered to the Brits. 

Sitooerie: A sitooerie immediately made the team at fivesquid think of a snug and it is in fact a secluded area in a building where you can sit away from the crowds - bliss. Next time you try to find a quiet space in the office to read an important document, just tell your boss your off to find a sitooerie.

Sproglet: A sproglet is a baby or a child… more of a cute than a horrible word so it got our vote.

Do look at the full list of new words from the OED, there are some brilliant new words that show the sign of our times, remind us of things past and also how the world is changing. Also, expanding your grammar and repertoire of words is a good thing and the team here at fivesquid encourage that, especially for all our freelance writers on the platform. 


Source: Oxford English Dictionary