Top picks from the Oxford English Dictionary's new words January 2018

This week just got better… not only can we say goodbye to January, a long, grey and generally quite depressing month - we also get some new words to play with courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary. We can barely contain our excitement. We’ve digested the entire list of new words and we’ve cherry picked some crackers for you to play with. 


fivequid's top picks from the Oxford English Dictionary's new words January 2018


Clucky: It hails from Australian to describe a hen incubating her eggs, this has morphed into describing a woman that’s feeling broody. Nothing to do with craving chocolate Easter Eggs or generally clucking around!

Commodify: To turn something into a commodity - something that can be bought or sold. We’re an enterprising bunch at fivesquid, but somethings should remain sacred. 

Co-sleeper: now, now keep it clean! The non-parents in the office giggled, until it was explained this refers to parents that are co-sleepers with their children. In fact it’s a registered trademark for a child’s bed that attaches to the side of the parents bed. 

Hangry: This is a phenomena witnessed at fivesquid HQ (not mentioning any names), when irritability levels go through the roof when you know who is hungry. A mash up of hungry and angry makes you plain hangry… snack anyone?!

High-need: Who isn’t a little high maintenance from time to time? Now there’s a new word in town to describe this, just note the differentiation from need to want… think those that depend (need) your attention rather than those that crave attention. 

Me-time: Oh yes, you’ve got to love a bit of me-time. Me-time is just that, time that you dedicate just to you. Run a bath, go for a run, have a scrumptious meal - what ever it is that you want to do is me-time. 

Pumped: Your blood is pumping in your veins and you’re fired up. You’re ready for this - we like to think all our fivesquid sellers are pumped! 

Ransomware: Not such a nice one. Any virus or malware that hackers install onto a system and demand a ransom to remove. 

Self-assembled: The new release includes loads of words starting with self. In tribute to Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, we’ve cherry picked self-assembled for all those flat packs, love them or hate them there's no hiding from them - even the royals do it! 

Sun-blush: When the sun gently adds blush to something. Think a sun-blushed tomato, a rose wine, sun-blushed cheeks - a chance would be a fine thing, thanks for the mental picture OED - bring on summer! 

The complete list of words is available on the OED’s website - there’s plenty there to keep our freelance creative writers amused until the next instalment in April.

Until then happy writing! 


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