The top ten how to searches from Google

How many times a day do you ask yourself, or more importantly, Google how to do something? We’re guessing a lot! At the beginning of the month Google shared their top 10 ranked how to searches and some of the results are surprising. From a fivesquid perspective we were interested as immediately someone types “how to…” we know that our budding freelancers can help. Calling all Sellers, this is a blog that could help you offer services that people are obviously looking for. Have a butchers at the top ten how to searches from Google. 

Here's the full list of the top ten how to searches from Google


1. How to tie a tie

Did you have a clip on or elasticated tie at school? Yep, it’s a tricky one. Does it always end up too thin or too thick - practice and practice we say. Or perhaps you’re looking for insider tips from the Magic Circle to be able to tie a bow tie. If you still cannot master the bow tie a top tip from one of the fivesquid team is to use a clip on and have an unfolded bow tie in your pocket for the end of the night when you want to channel your inner 007! 

2. How to kiss

We want some demographic data against this one to be able to offer some advice. No matter your age the team at fivesquid say just go for what feels natural to you, once you get over your first bit of stage fright it can be fun. Just steer clear of garlic and practice good dental hygiene. Air kissing on the other hand is an absolute minefield - one kiss, two kiss, three kisses, do you hug at same time, kiss the air or make contact with the cheek? At some point you’re going to fluff it - just handle with humour! 

3. How to get pregnant 

We’re assuming this search is for those struggling to conceive and looking at alternatives, there are loads of options - don’t give up hope. 

If however, you want a lesson on the birds and bees… we’ll leave you with Google, just make sure you’re not searching in a public space! 

4 How to lose weight 

The million dollar question and advice changes from day to day. High carb, low fat, high fat, low carb, no sugar - argh! no wonder we’re confused. Our advice is a balanced diet of protein, fat and carbs making sure you burn more than you eat in terms of calories. Keep your food varied and interesting and keep an eye on your portions. If you need some more detailed advice check out some of our sellers offering nutritional advice or perhaps put in a request for meal plans tailored to your activity levels. Don’t lose heart, losing weight is hard work and requires a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix (sorry to break it to you). 

5. How to draw

For those of us that are not natural Da Vinci’s, drawing can be so frustrating. Perhaps you can visualise exactly what it is you want to draw or worse you can see it, but yet when you go to recreate it on paper it looks like a 3 year old did it. Do you love the idea of whipping out your sketch book and capturing that wonderful view quickly and effortlessly, perhaps maybe even carrying round charcoals just in case? Is it more like a quick snap on your iPhone then off you go?… not quite the same is it?  

6. How to make money

and lots of it? Obviously with fivesquid, just ask any of our sellers. Zoe, one of our PRO Sellers saw herself jetting off to Jamaica with fivesquid. Seriously though, if you’ve got skills and you're wondering if you could make money from them, fivesquid is a great way to test the waters without any risk. So go on set up a service today! 

7. How to make pancakes

Yum… now are we talking American thick style pancakes or a thin crepe? Either way we love a pancake - thick has to be blueberries and maple syrup. Thin without a doubt sugar and lemon all the way. Then surely, the next search is how many pancakes is too many to eat?

8. How to write a cover letter

The art of a cover letter is so tricky to get right. You want to capture your audiences attention, so they want to read more without droning on - the balance of whetting an appetite without giving too much away. Our advice is if you struggle with words to ask for help from fivesquid's bevy of freelance creative writers - they’ll sort you out in no time. 

9. How to make french toast

Stop now, we’re just getting over the munchies from the pancakes, now french toast! Bread, soaked in beaten eggs, fried in butter then either sprinkled with sugar (yum) or served with bacon (yum) or any other ridiculously bad for you topping you can think of (yum). 

10. How to lose belly fat 

Stop eating pancakes and french toast!  

Seriously, see point 4 unless you opt for surgery you can’t target losing weight - you just have to go for overall weight loss and it always feels like your belly is the last to melt, but it will...eventually.


It seems that the simplest things have us stumped - we feel an afternoon drawing session over some french toast might be on the cards… followed by some frantic googling on how to lose weight!  


Source: The Telegraph