The secrets of successful outsourcing

If Rachel on reception isn’t cut out for social media or writing website content, and Andy in accounts thinks SEO is a pop group, you need some help. Successful outsourcing can mitigate in-house disasters and turn things around. Here on fivesquid, we’ve got the talent to help you achieve your business goals. Use this guide to ensure you outsource successfully.


Put skills first

Successful outsourcing can save your business time and money. It can help you grow your brand in a cost-effective, sustainable way. But finding the right freelancers to support your goals requires an informed approach. You need to match each project with someone who has the right skills set.

They say ignorance is dangerous and, as well as wasting your cash, a poor fit can damage your brand. That’s why you shouldn’t choose the first freelancer you come across. When considering a proposal or looking at a freelancer’s profile, check what qualifies that person to undertake your project. Do they have extensive experience in that particular field? 


Ask to see samples

Don’t be bashful. If you want to successfully outsource, always ask to see samples of a freelancer’s work. Check out fivesquid reviews and written testimonials from previous customers. Ask questions and zero in on the finer points of the freelancer’s abilities.

In the case of content creators, be careful to check all their work is original. Whether you own a micro business or multi-national company, you can’t afford to risk it with something that breaches copyright laws. That budget blog writing service could cost you dearly if the content supplied is plagiarised.


Start small

Don’t splash the cash until you are certain you have found a freelancer who is the right fit for your project. Successful outsourcing is rooted in trust. Test the water with a small order that makes up part of a project. Don’t like what you get in return? Move on.

Once you have found a freelancer whose skills match your requirements, you can build a good working relationship and outsource more work. It’s worth remembering that a good freelancer is likely to know others. That logo designer who delivered spot on new branding could point you in the direction of an SEO wizard or outstanding virtual assistant. We’ve got them all on fivesquid.


Agree timescales

It’s no good finding the perfect freelancer if they can’t meet deadlines. Project management skills are vital in today’s fast-paced business environment. Heard the one about the guy who missed a deadline because his goldfish was having emotional issues? Or the freelancer who couldn’t get upstairs to his laptop because he suddenly developed vertigo?

Always agree timescales in advance. If you are outsourcing to someone who says they deliver within four days, ask if they are likely to make you wait until the last minute. Want to outsource something that is urgent? Ask if the freelancer offers a faster turnaround time for a small additional fee. Many on fivesquid do. You could have a new explainer video in 24 hours.


Successful outsourcing made easy

Great outsourcing goes hand in hand with good practice; it’s part and parcel of what makes growing businesses tick. If you choose wisely, you won’t just get great work, you will own that work and be able to use it time and again.

fivesquid makes successful outsourcing easy. You can post a request and evaluate the freelancers who reply. As well as being able to compare prices and skills, you can check out reviews and proceed with an order knowing you have made the right choice. 

Successful outsourcing starts with fivesquid. Post your request here.