The importance of writing a professional looking fivesquid profile

Your freelance fivesquid profile is a key tool when selling your services. We asked fivesquid Best Seller and PRO member, 'Adblaster' their key things to consider when creating your profile. Over to Adblaster...


When it comes to writing your fivesquid profile there are many key factors to take into consideration. Ideally your fivesquid profile should be concise, snappy and to the point. Consider this as your shopfront, and the better this is the more attractive it will be to ‘passers-by’ - those all important potential customers and we all want plenty of those!

The importance of writing a professional looking fivesquid profile

We suggest you start your fivesquid profile with a line of two about you. Follow this with your key skills and experience as a freelancer or relevant skill sets that potential clients are looking for. This is your opportunity to sell yourself, and your services - so do just that - sell yourself! Finally, you need a strong call to action… a couple of lines of ‘why’ they should choose you and not another service.


Making Your fivesquid Profile Look Professional

By getting your profile content done properly, you will start to get noticed, put yourself ahead of your competition and appear more professional giving your potential clients an inclination to shop with you. Of course, there are still a few key factors that you MUST take into consideration, certainly one is the grammar of your profile. A BIG NO-NO is to have any form of spelling mistakes, this can easily be checked using a spellchecker. However, having said this, there are plenty of words in the English language that may be spelled correctly but may not be used in the right context, a prime example is ‘There’ ‘They’re’ and ‘Their’ although all spelled correctly, each has a complete different meaning. There's nothing more than a blatant misuse of grammar for someone NOT to buy from you. After all, if you cannot get your profile page 100% correct, how can a potential client be sure you will deliver 100% of what you promise. If grammar is not your strong point, then why not get a professional content writer to produce your profile content, or even get a proof reader to go over it, there are plenty to hire here on fivesquid from just a fiver!


A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words

Make sure your fivesquid profile has a professional imageFinally, make sure that you have a professional profile photo, if you haven’t got one, get one taken. Nowadays a mobile phone will take a photo equal to what a professional photographer with a top-end camera several years ago would capture. By ensuring your fivesquid profile is perfectly set out, professional looking and error-free the more you are likely to attract people looking for your services. Make sure that you share your profile across your social media to increase your chances as well as share successfully completed jobs.


Some sound advice from Adblaster there - it may all seem obvious stuff, but it really does make a difference, which is testiment to the amount of work Adblaster does on the site. So don't delay armed with this information sort out your fivesquid freelance profile now!