The death of the press release or is it? The new era of PR

Over the past century it’s been industry standard to send a press release to grab media attention, but have times changed? Due to the power of the internet and online marketing the standard method of sending a press release to media outlets to has become somewhat old school and certainly less effective. Two of key reasons for this is the saturation of the market and also more importantly PR professionals finding more creative ways to pitch stories to the media.

Video press release

A poplar replacement of press releases are video pitches. Videos have taken over the internet so it makes sense that they’re being used in the PR world with people using this popular medium to pitch their ideas directly to the media, the media like this format as it’s short and direct (at least it should be).

Article vs press relasese 

Another trend is for PR professionals is to write their own articles rather than relying on a traditional press release, so they can pitch a more abstract idea with the aim of grabbing attention and inspiring a journalist to take a chance on something different.

Infographic press release

Another more graphic way we’re seeing the press release being replaced are infographics. What better way to spark interest with the media than through creative artwork and attractive presentation of sometimes a complex idea. If you’re used to seeing the same black and white press release on a daily basis, when something bright, colourful and attractive comes through like an infographic, not only does it draw your attention but it’s quick and easy, both in terms of being able to digest the information but also to instantly share on social media to reach a wide audience directly.

Blog vs press release

Last but not least is another method that gains a huge amount of attention is the blog. People have been disregarding press releases completely in place of a blog post. Not only does this give them the highest of creative freedom using eye-catching artwork, creative writing, images and infographics but it also allows people to get their news out as quickly and efficiently as possibly using popular social media sites as a platform to share the blog with others as well as the media gaining their attention by showing them how far news can spread in such a short amount of time making them want to capitalise on this opportunity.


In summary, the press release is still an option for gaining media attention in today’s world and is still held in high regard by a majority of mainstream media. A press release may be the best way forward to achieve this for some businesses depending on their style and how they want to be perceived by the media. On the other hand, it’s important for people to think outside the box by being more creative to ensure they really stand out from the over saturation of the press release world which has become so monochrome over the years. It’s now time for something new, fresh and colourful!

Our advice is to be bold, be courageous, and don’t be afraid to break tradition and collaborate with artists, writers, social media outreaches and marketing freelancers all of which are available on and unleash your creative freedom in this new era of media outreach.