The best free online colour palette resources for graphic designers

Colour can make or break any brand or graphic design briefs, the same logo in blue may look awful in orange and shades of colours have an impact as well. When offering graphic design services at such a good price on fivesquid, you don’t want to be spending hours researching colour palettes. We’ve snuffled out the best free online colour palette resources for graphic designers - so you can amaze clients with palettes that are on point every time. 

Color Hunter

Ok, so color hunter isn’t the sexiest of websites, however it has hidden depths and its simplicity makes it really rather appealing. Its basic idea is to create colour palettes from images. It has loads of images already on the site and you can search for images that you like. The best feature for us is that you can upload your own image and it will give you a colour palette from the image - handy little feature. You can register for a free account and save your favourite colour palettes as well. We really do recommend looking beyond its look and feel and instead focus on what you can get from it. 

Colour Lovers 

Name a graphic designer that isn’t a colour lover! Again not a great web design, but there are loads of palettes on this creative community website and we mean loads - they claim over a million!  You can browse through a vast array of options and filter by most loved, most commented etc and also use their 'create a palette' feature to create your own. There has to be a colour palette here even for the most pernickety of graphic designers, but you may just end up spending hours gorging on colours! 

Color Lisa

Color Lisa got us started on this colour journey. Color Lisa is colour palette masterpieces from the world’s greatest artists, you say what? It’s a database of colour palettes taken from the masterpieces of the world's best artists. Colour aficionados across the world painstakingly compiled the palettes and we can’t thank them enough. For graphic designers looking for inspiration then surely the world’s greatest artists isn’t a too shabby place to start, from Andy Warhol’s poptastic colour palette in flowers or perhaps a more sedate palette with Leonardo Da Vinici’s Mona Lisa. The one that surprised us was Edvard Munch’s The Scream   - its colour palette is actually quite uplifting - it’s all in the implementation! Check out Color Lisa and let the great artists of our time live on in your graphic designs….and it might be worth getting buyers to have a look and give you a feel for their preference towards colours. 


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery some say, we say when it comes to graphic design being influenced or taking creative hues from successful brands is fine, but tread that line carefully. That being said how some of the big brands use colour can be really insightful and help graphic designers get a feel for how they can use colour for their clients. BrandColors has a collection of over 500 brands colour palettes and it’s insightful to see strong brands who use only one and equally strong brands that use multiple colours - a palette of one can be just as impactful - if not more than a palette of say five or more colours. 

Colour Code

This is for graphic designers out there who like to be more in control of their designs, perhaps you’ve got a colour already in mind as a starting point, or even a palette, you just need to finesse the detail. A fab tool to allow you to quickly see colours next to each other, creating palettes by simply moving your mouse. With nifty features the site will help you as much or as little as possible. You can even download your colour palettes or get links to them. A simple, nicely designed free online tool for creating colour palettes - we can’t really ask for more than that. 

We think you’ll agree there are some cracking free tools to help you decide on the right colour palette for your project. And if you’ve got a client who just isn’t buying into your colour choice, sharing Color Lisa or Brand Colors with them might help you align more with buyers. Colour me happy!