SEO 2018: what is new and what is not.

There were some massive changes through 2017 and some major updates from Google too. In fact as well as the usual hundreds of tweaks (approximately 500-600 a year) applied to their algorithm, there was also around a dozen significant updates included. So, now we’re over quarter one in 2018, we’re going to  look at what’s new for the year ahead and what is not so important any more. By keeping your finger on the pulse of what is happening with SEO you can ensure you are meeting best practices to move your website onwards and upward in 2018.

Major SEO Changes 2017

One of the major changes to hit in 2017 was the October update which was Chrome HTTPS warnings. Simply this was users being warned when visiting a site that was without an SSL certificate that it was not secure, and launched on the Chrome 62 update. One of the issues for webmasters with this, is that if they did not have a free SSL certificate with their hosting company, they would have to pay an annual subscription of anything from £50 to £200 per annum. Having the SSL certificate is vital should your website take payments, collate data, even down to a simple contact form. Of course a solution is, if your hosting company is charging for this, it may be worth shopping around for a host that will transfer your site and include the SSL certificate at a much cheaper rate.

And following the October HTTPS warnings and on the brighter side, Google extended its Meta Description length from 155 characters to a whopping 300 characters, almost double, allowing webmasters to ‘Set out their stall’ with a more enticing description (and more natural) than the original restrictive snippet in place.

Moving Forward SEO 2018

There were many other changes in 2017 and too many to list here, moving ahead though, what is less or more important in 2018. Certainly, and has been this way for a time is the meta keyword tag, still useful for some other search engines but carries a lot less weight than yesteryear. Social connections and mentions still carry their weight, and if you do have an online presence it is certainly recommended that you are covering all your bases with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Google+. To ensure you are meeting the best practices of Google, having Google search console and webmaster tools to monitor your site, identify any issues as well as opportunities should still be a prerequisite for the year ahead.

Handling Your SEO in 2018

SEO in 2018

Of course, dealing with the constant changes, technical challenges shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be a chore. On fivesquid you can find a whole host of freelance SEO experts who are willing to lighten the load, whether something as simple as integrating Google Search Console onto your site, installing an SSL certificate to managing your SEO for you or providing SEO best practices advice can be ordered at a click of a button and with services starting from just £5, it will save you the headache of doing it yourself, allowing you to get on with the more important things like dealing with the increase of customers and clients visiting your website - you can’t say fairer than that!