A podcast for your business or brand could be your next opportunity.

Podcasts are gaining in popularity. There is a podcast for everything from sports to entertainment, politics, and relationships, you name it there’s a podcast for it. One of the major reasons why there are so many podcasts today is the fact that anyone with a mobile phone can have one. All it takes it some basic recording equipment and internet service, and you have a podcast. A decade ago you will need to work in radio in order to get the kind of exposure podcasts offer, but now, you can have your own talk show via podcasts. It’s all part of the disruptive nature of technology, and it is definitely a good thing.


What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is basically a form of audio blogging. There is not one definition of a podcast, as it can be many things. But the more popular use for the podcast would be to talk about a variety of issues. The podcast can be traced back to 2004 when Adam Curry, a former MTV video jockey and software developer Dave Winer developed the iPodder, allowing them to download internet radio broadcasts directly to his iPod.  The idea was further improved by several developers and podcasts become official. Podcasts do not require any form of licencing as radio stations do, and they are not bound by any government regulations. So as far as podcasts are concerned, anything goes!

Who should have a podcast?

Anyone can have a podcast. If you think you have information to share on any topic or you an opinion to be heard, a podcast might be the way to go. It offers freedom and the ability to reach out to as many listeners as possible. If you have a business and you would like to talk about your products or services, a podcast might be a great idea. You’ll find dozens of business-related podcast that have discussions about starting up a business, a good example is Business of Hype.

What kind of business do podcasts work for?

Any kind of business can make use of a podcast as long as the content is great and listeners can enjoy it. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling eggs or milk, you can slot in your brand or business in the podcast, or you can get the podcast hosts to mention or talk about your business or brand for a few minutes. But like most business solutions, podcasts will not have the same outcome for all kinds of businesses and brands. If you are a musical band, then you can expect a music-related podcast to be your best bet. It is about the audience, so once you figure out who you want to sell your brand or business to, then you can get podcasts to work for you.

How to create a podcast?

Creating a podcast is quite simple and easy and the setup costs can be very low. The work really is in creating the content and figuring out what you want to talk about on your next show.

First, develop a concept for your podcast; what do you want to talk about, how do you want your audience to perceive your content? Or what will be the format of your podcast? Next, pick a name for your podcast. Using a catchy name works all the time. Determine how long you want your podcast to run. There are no rules when it comes to how long your podcast should be.

You can start a podcast with just your smart phone or some basic recording hardware and your laptop or PC. And when you are ready to go big you can invest some money in setting up a standard recording studio like the ones you have at radio stations (Microphones, headsets, and recording software). Software like Audacity will allow you to record and edit your recordings and export in the format of your choice.After you have recorded your first podcast, you can sign up with platforms that have podcast features like Spotify and SoundCloud.


A podcast could be just the thing to drive engagement with your brand – whether you want to be: a thought leader,  informative, funny, controversial you name it your podcast can allow you to do this more easily than say a written blog post or filming a vlog. Why not give a podcast a go and let us know how you get on?