Part 2: Insta Grow with Instagram in 2019

Hopefully you’ve fully digested last weeks post on maximising your growth on Instagram with Storytelling, live streaming and  IGTV – if you missed it catch up with part 1 here. In part 2, we go deeper into the mechanics of the platform.

When to Hashtag and Not to

‘Hash tagging’, something first associated with Twitter in 2007, then spread throughout other social media platforms, Facebook adopting hashtags in 2013. Using hashtags are a great way of people finding accounts and posts on subjects they are interested in, in fact using hashtags are a great way of growing your business. However, there are some misconceptions on how to use them. For regular posts you can use up to 30 hashtags, for stories up to 10. Having said this, overuse of the hashtag can do more damage than good, and too many hashtags and your caption won’t be posted! So, what is the best number of hashtags to use. By using just a handful of relevant hashtags, you can see increased results in engagements and increase of followers. In fact, five or six seems to be the optimum. And what is also important and a key tip, KEEP THEM RELEVANT! Base your hashtags on what you are posting and within the realms of your business. For example, take a coffee vending company, doing a post about their slushie machines, whilst it might seem obvious don’t hashtag coffee in this one, but based it around slushies and soft drinks. And certainly, when you are hash tagging, tag your own brand IE #fivesquid. To recap on our key tips, keep your hashtags relevant, only use around 5-6 hashtags and hashtag your own company or brand.

Commenting on other Posts

As well as posting on Instagram, another way of growing your business is commenting on other posts. However, this is not about spamming your way to getting people to follow you, but genuinely engaging with others. If you decide to follow someone on Instagram, it should be because they make useful or interesting posts and not for the sole reason of getting them to follow you back. By engaging with other people’s posts, they are more likely to take notice of yours, also others who see your comments may decide to follow you. Avoid posting generic comments, such as ‘Great Photo’ or ‘one liners’ such as ‘Excellent Stuff’ and no, hash tagging comments doesn’t improve the quality of your comment. Be genuine, say something interesting or even ask questions, these are much more engaging, and you are more likely to get noticed by others Instagram users.

Gaining Likes

There are no short cuts to getting likes for your photos on Instagram, yes you can pay for them, but these are guaranteed to be fake and have no positive impact on your business nor help you grow your Instagram account. It all comes down to posting engaging and interesting content, follow our storytelling and hashtag tips, don’t make every post about selling your wares and truly engage with your followers. Be sure to respond to any questions asked and show your appreciation when people do like your posts.

Instagram Influencer Marketing 2019

Influencer Marketing hit the news earlier this year, and not in a good way, without namedropping the problem came about where celebrities were peddling products in return for either freebies or cash incentives. This doesn’t mean influencer marketing is wrong or bad. It now must follow a set of strict rules and these include ensuring that any product or service promotion is clearly shown just as that. Making followers aware that the influencer is being paid to promote the product. This includes using the hashtag #ad and to be clear and not misleading. The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) monitors all kinds of UK adverts on social media to ensure that these rules are upheld. Even after all the bad press, influencer marketing can be a great way of getting your product or service in front of thousands of people.

Using Instagram in 2019

Social media has come a long way since it’s beginning, one of the most important factors is that everyone is accountable for what they post. Where in the past, people thought they could post what they like, regardless and with no accountability. This is certainly no longer the case and by breaking terms and conditions can result in your account being suspended, closed and even worse, facing prosecution. Always be aware of what the terms and conditions of posting are, be respectful to others, avoid confrontation or making controversial posts and most of all, have fun.