OED latest update - these new words made the cut

How did that happen?!  It’s already November, soon it will be, well you know, Christmas! October whizzed by so fast the team at fivesquid nearly missed the latest instalment of new words from the OED but fear not we’ve got the list, we’ve checked it twice and we've found out which words are nice… see what we did there?! We digress, by now you know the drill, the OED every so often add new words to the Oxford English Dictionary, the fivesquid team cherry pick their favs and share them with you. So here goes, our top 10 new words from the OED.

Bongga: Wow! we love Bongga it’s such a fivesquid word. It describes something that is amazing - think over the top and fabulous, but use with caution - it can also be someone that’s trying too hard. 
Bumboclaat: Be warned this is a naughty one! A mild swear word to show frustration. It stems from Jamaican Patois where bumbo means bottom and claat is cloth - in Jamaica this is quite the swear word, but in the UK it’s pre-watershed.
CrossFit: A fitness regime that is about functional fitness. Their specialism is not specialising - with workouts including metabolic conditioning, olympic lifting and gymnastics. The idea being that CrossFitters are prepared for the unknown and unknowable in terms of physical activity… sounds sweaty.  
Dunkable: This is how many will rank the quality of a biscuit - just how dunkable is it? A missed trick on the GBBO this year, but there’s always next year - it has to beat pitta breads on a fire pit!
Dunger: This is a description for something that's worn-out normally used to describe machinery or a car - think of an old banger. 
Fam: An abbreviation of family, but in slang is used to describe one’s group of friends or even social media followers. 
Idiocracy: It’s unfortunate that this word is needed, but it is certainly a sign of the times. Idiocracy is a group of idiotic people that run a society or perhaps a government. 
Nothingburger: This comes from America and no it’s not a “healthy eating” version of a burger. It is when something or someone really has nothing to it. A disappoint as a nothingburger would be.
Placcy: An abbreviation of plastic in it’s literal sense, so can be used to decribe something that is plastic - we hope you've ditched those placcy straws. But as we use the word plastic, it can also be used to describe something that is fake. 
Sloppy seconds: A two word addition, interesting! We hope none of you have had to deal with sloppy seconds. It’s self-eplanatory - hand me downs (younger siblings you’ll know this all to well) - something that even the most ardent up-cycler or re-purposer couldn’t, nay wouldn't work their magic on! 
Another instalment from the OED done and dusted… we’re looking forward to seeing fivesquid freelancer writers putting these words to use. 
Source: OED