Link Baiting: The practice of creating strong content

What is Link Baiting? 

Link baiting (not to be confused with click baiting, something we will discuss in a follow up post) is the practice of writing very good quality unique content to encourage other content writers and websites to link to your articles. Having organic inbound links can provide a positive impact to your website by improving the overall search engine optimisation aspects and ultimately leading to better ranking in all major search engines.


How do you produce a link bait article?

Firstly, it needs to provide valuable information to be worthy of linking to. Secondly, the more comprehensive the article is the better, and usually providing information on a particular subject, an example of this could be a guide on how to apply for a work visa in a foreign country. This would be a complete walk through on the process, including useful tips and explaining the process in detail. What wouldn’t be considered a link bait article would be a top ten guide or a product review.


The Pros of Link Baiting.

The benefits of writing link bait articles are to gain momentum of your websites ranking, historically the more links back to your website the better, also providing good quality information to your own website visitors can help in the conversion of sales of your products and/or services, ultimately leading in revenue generation. Having more content on your website that is considered informative and is of good quality is also recognised by all major search engines and help towards your overall search engine rankings.


The Cons of Link Baiting.

Historically the more inbound links to your website the better, however SEO has changed over time, and many people saw the opportunity to manipulate backlinking by going out and buying numerous backlinks to their website, this is considered as black hat SEO, and nowadays, it is not the number of inbound links to your site, but the actual quality of these links. Inbound links that are from poor quality and spammy sites can have a negative impact on your own site. Therefore, monitoring these via Google Search Console is vital, and disavowing any inbound links from negative websites is a necessity using the Google Disavow Links tool.


Overall, having link baiting articles is the best way forward to grow the reach of your website, increase your traffic and ultimately your search engine rankings but you must be beware of the pitfalls and manage your website accordingly for your link baiting articles to be effective. And of course, Google and all other major search engines love good quality, unique content. And as ever your favourite UK freelance platform fivesquid has a bevy of quality freelance content providers waiting for your brief!