June 2017 new words in the OED - Oxford English Dictionary

We’re already approaching the Wimbledon finals, we’re gorging on strawberries and cream, and loving the British summer, so much so that we nearly overlooked the latest OED update - unbelievable we know! As ever some great words and some very seasonal and ‘on point’ if you’re an avid reader of the blog. Tut, tut if you’re not - check out our first OED instalment for the low down on our excitement and how new words are added. For those in the know here’s fivesquid’s top pics from June 2017 new words in the OED….
Changing table: 
When we saw this we assumed it was some sort of political or socio-economic term, we’ve since learnt not to over think things! Changing table is just that - a folding down table that you can change a baby's nappy on. Are you as shocked as we were that this has only just been added? 
Just a fab adjective to describe someone’s voice as being a piercing shrill, it comes from the noun for the sound made by a cockerel. We’re wincing just thinking about it. 
We all need a hygge experience now and then. Our Danish counterparts have the nack of creating the feeling of general well-being and cosiness. We’ve yet to see any hygge services on fivesquid, but it’s only a matter of time! 
We did say Wimbledon is on and not only is this on point for the time of year but also on point for our recent blog on gender neutral terminology. It’s the person that calls if a ball is out - gender isn’t really relevant here, hence person. About time OED!
We’re seeing a lot of this in the world today. It’s when public opinion is decided on personal belief rather than more objective facts.  
We all know that person - they boldly state something only to push their pitch at the end as if it’s a question. It’s been around for years, but the youth of today are embracing it. If you’re an ‘uptalker' (we’re not sure that’s a word yet #PoeticLicense) watch out if you do any public speaking, it can make you look unsure of what you’re saying and that you're looking for approval from your audience. 
We’re not fans of this as a concept and we hope our community never has to unlaugh ever. It does what it says on the tin - someone that isn’t laughing. 
Well aren’t we all these days! As it sounds someone that is all over the web. 
Great word - no idea what it means, we didn’t either. Basically over the top and showing off - it stems from the way people over do it when they play the guitar, usually electric, but we’re thinking air guitar. 
Ok, so not something you’re likely to use in your next blog post, but certainly one to have in your armoury for your next Scrabble game. Please don’t ask how to pronounce it! If you’re interested it’s a South American tropical weevil.  
Another great installment from the OED. We’re on tenterhooks until the next update in September, but in the meantime we’ll see how we can work these into our upcoming blogs. And as always drop us a tweet using one of the new words @fivesquid. The full list of the OED’s update is on their website - check it out. 
Happy writing! 
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