Part 1: Insta Grow with Instagram in 2019

Instagram, just like it’s social media partner Facebook, doesn’t believe in standing still, and there have been loads of changes over the past twelve months that has seen the social media platform evolve and in some cases blossom. With any social media network it’s all about keeping your finger on the pulse and staying up to date with what works and more importantly what doesn’t! We’re going to share our key tips to help grow your Instagram as well as share some of the platforms’ new features and how to use them.

Don’t Random Post – Use Storytelling

So often we see businesses post random photos all the time, there are no cohesion from one to another. We are not saying keep all your photos on the same subject all of the time, throw the occasional random into the mix. However, you really should set out to tell a story with your photos. An instance take an example of a clients who is promoting one of their services which is air conditioning refills for cars, they have a special promotion for 1 month, all your photos should tell the story of air conditioning such as: how car air conditioners work, the history of air conditioning, how it affects your cars performance and so forth. Next month it might be tyres and you’ll want to stick to a similar format. The key here is preparation, plan what you want to do and the final goals you want to achieve then set out your posts accordingly, this also applies to other social media platforms too. Having structure will make a big difference to engaging your followers.

Going Live with Instagram

One of the cool features with Instagram is to be able to ‘Go Live’ and stream videos to your followers. Some do this on a weekly basis and streams say a live interview with one a customer. This is the perfect way of showcasing your products and services and is much more engaging (and real) than a static photo. What you should ALWAYS remember to do, is to share as a replay for those that missed the live action. Also try and stick to a regular schedule, so if you are going live once per week, have a specific day and time to stick to, you can also promote that you are going live throughout the week and the run up to it. Also, another key tip when going live is to have a plan of the points you want to get across and make sure you don’t go off-topic. Short, sweet and to the point. Check out our blog on live streaming on social here. 

IGTV on Instagram

With the advent of bigger data allowances and the speed that mobiles can handle data, led to the creation of IGTV (Instagram TV), allowing users to post videos to Instagram that are longer than 60 seconds. IGTV works either as a standalone or in tandem with Instagram and you can create some great promotional videos using it, (although there are no advertising options with it yet, but this is surely to come.) You can upload videos up to ten minutes, and those who have bigger accounts can upload videos up to one hour. Not only can you use this to promote your products and services but is useful to provide key information, tutorials and create ‘how to’ videos based around your business sector.

Instagram and the Blue Tick

We first saw the ‘blue tick’ with Twitter, and quite simply means that the tick next to the Instagram account’s name shows that the account is genuine and is an authentic representation of the brand, celebrity or public figure. Fortunately, unlike Twitter where getting verification is down to chance, you can log into your Instagram account go to your account settings and request verification. You will need to fill in your details and also submit a government issued ID that shows both your name and date of birth. Having done this though, there is no guarantee you will get the coveted blue tick, but it is certainly something you should apply for to give your account more weight and a better trust factor with your followers. A key tip here is to check your account BEFORE applying and ensuring that all your information is up to date, correct and your profile fully filled out.


There should be enough here to get your teeth into over the next week and remember if you need help we've got a bevy of Social Media freelancers at fivesquid that can help you. Part 2 of Insta grow with Instagram in 2019 will be dropping next week: same time, same place - stay tuned!