Imagery is key to selling your freelance services

The old adage -  ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, in an ideal world this should be true, but in reality what else have you got to entice you to flip it over and read the back or click on the Kindle cover to find out more? The imagery on the front cover - be that an image, use of fonts, colour - you name it, it has to grab the reader and be relevant to the content within. The visual representation of your services is no different. Likewise if every service looked the same how would buyers identify with services… your service is much like a product, the buyers have to believe and want to buy it, the very first impression a buyer has of your service is the imagery used. On the fivesquid home page, the category pages, and search results, the imagery you’ve used to showcase what you do is the first thing the buyer sees. The hard facts of life are if you’re not standing out from the crowd and merge into a much of muchness, then you’re selling yourself short. 

What if I’m not a graphic designer? 

This is a hurdle, but a small one. There are so many services that don’t have a visually creative output, but that doesn’t mean you cannot visually showcase what you do - there are many options available to you, you just need to be open to a new way of approaching things. We’ve got some cracking examples of sellers who are not creative designers, but have invested in how their non-visual services can stand out from the crowd… have a look at KatieHowe of What Katie Writes, (very well if you need a writer) and she has built a brand that works for her freelance page and has used clever eye catching script to sell her services - these services stand out amongst the crowd and are clearly part of her wider portfolio, Mr Pointer - uses his brand ID to get stand out, voiceover artists like Blossom use photography professional of her at work to show her voiceover skills this coupled with actual recordings buyers can listen to and finally KittyWriter loves cats and uses that to showcase her personality as a writer with quirky cat images. 

fivesquid’s tips on creating an impactful visual presence 

There are lots of options available to you. You could get imagery of you at work - you’ll need to make sure they’re well shot, a good resolution and show your personality of you at work. We can see this won’t be for everyone - the desk in your bedroom may not be something you want to shout about. There’s always the option of using stock photography from an image library - two areas of caution here, one, make sure the image showcases what you do and two, you do run the risk of other services also using that image, which hinders your goal of standing out from the crowd - that much of a muchness no matter how nice the image is. Your final option, is one that we’d highly recommend, develop a brand for your freelancing services, nothing too crazy, perhaps an iconic logo and a suite of visual representations of what you do - this way buyers will instantly recognise which services are yours and hopefully buy them. This could be anything from clever use of fonts, icons, colours, abstracts, imagery or a combination of them all. Your options are endless. Thankfully you’re in the right place, fivesquid has loads of talented graphic designers and brand experts that can help you create the brand that you need for very little money.

Go on, check out your services amongst your competition on fivesquid and if you’re not having an impact (be honest), maybe now is the time to revamp your services, if you care enough to do this it will be apparent to buyers and they’ll be clicking that order now button in no time. Go on you deserve it and we’ll happily show off your new improved services on our social media channels. 

If an image says a thousand words, make sure is says the right words.