How to write sales copy that sells


You’ve probably heard the saying '...he could sell ice to eskimos'; some people have a real knack for persuading others to part with their hard earned cash. If you're not a natural with the patter, you probably struggle to write seductive sales copy - words that really grab your readers' attention and call them to action.

There’s an art to courting customers with compelling copy that sells. But if you haven’t got a way with words, don’t fret; our guide to writing persuasive sales copy will help you engage your target market and convert casual browsers into fervent fans of your business. The great news is, you don’t have to be Shakespeare or a marketing guru to get great results.

Persuasive sales copy techniques


The killer headline

Your sales pitch should start with a simple headline; something that grabs attention and hooks people in. Headlines in sales copy must always be compelling and written with the sole aim to engage, so avoid stating the obvious. Your audience will notice the headline before anything else - including an image. Create a real buzz for your product or services with a captivating headline that highlights the key benefits. While it may be tempting, avoid obvious sensationalism and never make false claims.

Good headlines are made up of less than 50 characters, including spaces, and feature a keyword. They are short, snappy and tell a story. For ideas, think of what makes your product or service unique, what its benefits are and who your ideal customer is. Stick to one theme and sum up the message you want to convey in a way that would make a vegetarian give bacon a second look. If you need some help coming up with compelling copy, you can be sure KatieHowe can help.


Keep it brief

Great sales copy is easy to read and communicates the benefits of your products or services in short sentences. Try not to write sentences longer than fifteen words. People are busy, they haven’t got time to wade through a sales pitch of near-novel length to get to the nitty-gritty. Don’t be afraid to use broken sentences, including short statements that start with ‘And’ or ‘But’. And (sorry) don’t shy away from being bold. Experiment with one, two and three word headline ideas and see what you can come up with.


Make sure it's relevant

There’s no point trying to fascinate your target market with a message that makes no sense or has no relevance to them (you’d be on a hiding to nothing if you used a little-known, trendy word in a headline aimed at the elderly). Give your copy value by making it appeal to those with a genuine interest in what you are selling, and make sure you're really highlighting the key benefits. If you’re selling on Amazon, Babybabe5 knows a trick or two.


Make it memorable

Producing sales copy that sticks takes practice, but delivers real dividends. Use short phrases or sound bites to create memorable messages. What's more, if you can describe your product or service in a way that forms an image in the mind of your customer, then effectively you'll have created something that will last long after your marketing is over.