How to survive Christmas as a freelancer

If you’re a freelancer who celebrates Christmas, you’ve probably got your turkey on order and your shopping almost done (or, if you’re uber-organised, it’ll all be wrapped and under the tree!) But, between writing Christmas cards and mulling over what you can possibly buy your 97-year-old great-granny, you may feel less than full of cheer. Yes, ’tis the season not to be jolly - if your orders have dried up. Use this fivesquid guide to keep yourself busy over the holidays.

Update your graphics

As a freelancer, you can draw more attention to your services with updated graphics. Bring Christmas to your online marketing. Consider using temporary graphics that include a festive theme. Or offer freelancer services specifically geared to Christmas. Take a look at this very festive offering from workshubport.  Alternatively, refresh your profile. Highlight the benefits of your services and what they can do for your customers.

Add more services

Freelancers are generally a versatile bunch. What skills do you have that you’re not sharing? Expanding your offer will make you more visible online and spread the word about what you do. Be proactive to get the ball rolling. Share your new services on social media, including LinkedIn and Pinterest. Check out KatieHowe and see how one of our most in-demand freelancers provides a range of services that really make the most of writing skills. 

Offer faster delivery

Give your customers the option to pay an additional fee for quicker delivery. Nobody wants to wait around for projects to be completed over the Christmas and New Year period. A 24 hours service could tempt a casual browser to place an order. It will bring in much-needed extra cash and connect you with new customers. Voiceover artist EmilyLinard offers 1 day delivery for an extra £5.

Create special offers

Well, it is Christmas. Consider offering bundles like 3 for 2 packages that deliver regular services. Special offers are a great way to build your customer base - and survive lean periods. A freelancer who shows a bit of goodwill in the season that depends on it, will stand out from the crowd.

Take a break

If you can afford to, this is a good time of year to take some time off. Winding down for a few days will give you more time to spend with family and friends and really enjoy everything the season has to offer. What’s more, you will return to work feeling refreshed and ready to face new challenges.

Spread some cheer

If you are planning to take a break over Christmas, don’t forget to let your customers know. Update your profile to clearly state when you will be available to take orders, and don’t forget to wish everyone season’s greetings.

Plan ahead

If you want to carry on earning over Christmas, it pays to plan ahead. If you've left it too late to implement any of these ideas this year, keep them in mind for 2019. Being a freelancer at Christmas does have some advantages… You won’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself at the annual work party. And you won’t have to contend with the rigmarole of the dreaded Secret Santa.


Of course, there’s no escaping awkward family gatherings and, perhaps, adding a few inches to your waistline. But, if you follow our tips, being short of work will be one less thing to worry about. Keeping busy is key to success as a freelancer. If you gear your offer to meet seasonal peaks and troughs, you’ll be in the right place to raise a glass to a merry old time.

One final thing… Merry Christmas from everyone at fivesquid!