How to start a new business in 2018 in five simple steps

New Year, New You, New Business… no excuses. Let 2018 be the year that you mean business, and we literally mean business. With fivesquid at your disposal you really have nothing to lose…. make being the master of your own destiny a reality. If you’ve got an idea for a business that's a simple  offering such as services then it really is as easy as pie. If however, you've a more complicated business venture, selling products or in a regulated industry there may be a few more hurdles to leap through, but we still believe not impossible. If your idea is simple and easy to implement follow the following steps to get your business off the ground. In a matter of days with very little investment you can be up and running. If it’s a more complex business model you can still follow these steps with the end goal of raising investment to get your business off the ground or to measure your audiences appetite for your new venture. 

fivesquid's guide on how to start a new business in 2018 in five simple steps

1) It’s all in the name

The harder than you think bit. New businesses are often likened to new babies, and all new babies need a name. Quite possibly one of the hardest things to do… yes seriously. Check out our post on how to come up with a great name for your business and more in depth advice on the topic. Trust your gut on this one - it’s a name you’re going to have to live with for sometime… rebranding isn’t really an option in the early days at least. 

2) Accountancy advice 

The serious bit. If you’re not financially savvy, and even if you are, getting some sound financial advice is money well spent. You’ll need to know if you should set yourself up as a sole trader, a Ltd company, a LLP or perhaps something more impressive like a PLC. Then you need to consider if your should register for VAT? What do you need to be keeping a record of? There’s loads to think about and with services from £5 fivesquid financial freelancers can have you sorted in a jiffy. Once you know which direction your business is headed you’ll know whether you need to register your company name with Companies House. It costs from £12 plus a little bit of your time (you’ll need some documents), but you guessed it, if time isn't on your side our freelancers can help you here too. 

3) Your brand

The fun bit. You know what your business is going to be called, you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s - so now it’s time to get creative. Log on to fivesquid, find a freelance graphic designer that tickles your fancy and give them a detailed brief on what you’re after. Here’s some advice on writing a top notch brief that will get you what you want. Things you’ll need from the get go include logo, colours, fonts, image guidance (perhaps an image library), social media profile and header images and stationery depending on your requirements. With just a few quid you’ll have a brand identity that Richard Branson would be proud of. 

4) Online presence

The go live bit! No matter what your business is, you’re going to need an online presence. A website is a good start. You can however, as some do, opt for ‘just’ a facebook page and other social channels to get you going. Which ever way you go, it’s wise to grab social media handles and domain names early - they can always remain dormant until you’re ready to use them. You’ll be spoilt for choice with fivesquid web designers and even freelancers to make your social media pages stand out from the crowd. 

5) Get business 

The hardest, never ending bit! Ok, so we have really simplified the process of launching your business steps 1 to 4, but why not? If it makes you take the plunge then do it! In five simple steps you could have yourself ready for business. There are plenty more things for you think about as your business grows, but for now that’s all you need for a customer facing offering. Next step is for you to market yourself… network, network and network some more. It’s now the hard work really begins, you’ll need to be all over social media, generating content that sells without being too pushy. Don’t give up, we’ve got a bevy of freelancers that can help you launch your new business. 
Good luck you budding entrepreneur. If you do set up something new be sure to let us know - we’ll help spread the word. Remember every business at some point was a budding start-up, but you have to start before you can go anywhere. 

Carpe diem