How to manage freelancing and being a mum

fivesquid freelance writer EmilyJEG (Emily) manages the unthinkable to some – working and taking care of her family. Emily soon realised that freelancing was her best option with the rising cost of childcare and we’re delighted that fivesquid has been part of Emily’s story. Enough from us, over to Emily to talk about how to manage freelancing and being a mum – warts and all!


Emily spills the beans on how to manage freelancing and being a mum 


My second baby was a surprise – a good surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. So, instead of graduating university in July 2016 and walking into a great new job, I graduated with a ten-day-old baby in my arms.

By August, I was feeling a little lost. Being a stay at home mum had never been my plan, but with the ever-rising costs of childcare I knew that my career would be on hold for the foreseeable future – especially now that I would have to fund two nursery places.

I have always loved working on computers and so I enquired on social media for the best way of advertising my services – proofreading, CV editing and things like that. A few people suggested fivesquid, so I decided to take a look. I wanted somewhere that was cheap and safe – I didn’t want to spend a fortune listing what I could do if nobody was interested, and I didn’t want to leave myself open to doing work for free if payment options went wrong.

It was easy to sign up and I soon made the decision to upgrade my account so that I had more credits available. I listed a range of services – some more popular than others. Seeing my ‘ads’ feature high up on the homepage was a nice surprise sometimes – I’d scroll down the page and think, “Hey! That’s me!”

I set my emails up to alert me to fivesquid messages so that I would never miss an order. Sometimes I go for a few months with no messages – especially if I forget to log in when life gets in the way. But then I’ll get an order – and another, and another. It gives me a sense of purpose – when I’m helping people with proofreading assignments or updating their CVs, I’m more than just a mum.

How to manage freelancing and being a mum more art than scienceSometimes it’s hard to juggle being a mum with completing orders on time, especially on the days when my children decide to be uncooperative. Sometimes they will decide they simply must sit on my lap to watch television, or my three year old will regress and demand I put the laptop down so she can be hand fed her meals like a baby. Sometimes I will put them to bed and they’ll both be asleep by 8pm, but other days they will take turns at being pests and I’ll feel like I’m trapped in an arcade game – one will go to sleep just as the other pops back up again.

Generally I manage to squeeze in enough hours to get the work done, but if I’m delayed in any way – especially when the children get ill – it is easy to log in from my phone and send a quick update to my customers. Thankfully everyone has been understanding so far!

I have achieved 13 of the 16 available milestones, giving me the title of ‘best seller’, and I’ve earned just under £400 so far. I love it here, especially with the quirky little incentives – I reckon I’ll stick around forever!


Wow! Thanks for being so honest with how you manage to juggle being a super mum and a supper freelancer. Our top takeaways from Emily’s story is that you shouldn’t beat yourself up as a mum, those perfect insta-mamas aren’t telling you the whole story and if things don’t go to plan, just keep your buyers in the loop – 9 times out of 10 they’ll be fine.


More about fivesquid freelancer EmilyJEG

Emily is a fivesquid Best Seller offering freelance copyediting, proofreading and CV services. She’s also a dab hand at writing – so do get in touch with her if you need any word related services!


Image disclaimer: pictures are not of Emily and her family - they're more of your insta-mum variety! #GuiltyAsCharged