how to create video content on a budget and quickly

Video content is showing no signs of slowing - in fact it’s growing at an unprecedented pace. Tech Crunch explains that by 2021 (less than 4 years away) video will account for 82% of all web traffic! What’s more Mushroom Networks have a fab infographic explaining that YouTube is in fact the number two search engine and some flabbergasting stats behind it, our favourite - 100 hours of video is uploaded every minute. We’re not wrong when we said 'Video changed the world' this time last year. If you’ve been hoping that the demand for video will start to plateau it won't just yet. You really need to start streamlining how you create your video content quickly and without completely annihilating your budget - whilst ensuring it stands out from the crowd, with the volume of video content that is out there - it’s going to need to. fivesquid is your friend here and we’ve got some great tips on how to create video content on a budget and quickly! 

A common misconception is that video is hard to create and you need massive budgets to be able to. Wrong, on both counts. Video content can often be easier than text based content not only to convey your message, but it also can return a greater impact than text based content, if a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million! Also, whilst YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine it’s still a less competitive search space than text only… for now anyway. In terms of budget, if you are smart with your choice of content you can create video content that is quick and cheap without looking it. A video showing you how to ski might require a full day of filming, travel and ski equipment (that got expensive) a video on how to cook the perfect omelette - all you need is a few eggs and a few minutes. We’re exaggerating but it gives you some food (ok omelettes) for thought. 


tips on how to create video content on a budget and quickly

Start with keywords

As with all content start with some keyword research. Sticking to our egg theme Googling ‘How to make an omelette’ vs just ‘omelette’ gives slightly different results. With the 'How to’ search you’ll see some videos popping up near the top but not so much for just the ‘omelette’ search. Google will display the type of content that they feel is more relevant to the search. Try searching for how to write a CV... no videos? You’re starting to see some of the magic is really just common sense… shhh don’t tell anyone! Creating videos where Google already rates them will see better results than trying to break new ground. What you need to do now is spend a few hours (yes hours) thinking about all the keywords that are associated with your brand and Google them - let Google take you on a journey - check out the suggested searches at the bottom, click on ones that you think could work and keep going… just remember to keep writing down the keywords as you go. 

Strapped for time? Why not brief a fivesquid freelancer to help you compile a list of keywords? 

Cherry pick your keywords

You’ve done your research and you’ve got hundreds of keywords (we hope you’re sub 50) before you get trigger happy and start filming you need to do a little more research so you can cherry pick those keywords that are going to help you the most… there’s no point creating content with keywords that noone is searching for… again common sense! But where do you get this data from? Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner can really help do this, keep plugging in your words and see what sort of volume they are getting. It’s a balancing act here - anything under 1,000 searches probably isn’t worth it, but then something that has millions is way too competitive. Performing well on a less searched term can return more, which really is the name of the game. 

Time to get creative

You’ve done the hard work… yep that really was the hardest part of your video content (in fact all content) creation. You’ve got a list of keywords, now think about what the easiest video content to create will be… remember our skiing vs. omelette video. So brainstorm how you could make the video as quickly and as cheaply as possible and write a quick story board… We're thinking an intro saying you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs… list what you’ll need etc. 

Film it

Now this can be tricky and you’ll probably need some equipment, this could become expensive and maybe unnecessary. Depending on what the video is, it can be your phone, or even the camera on your computer. If you’re using a handheld make sure you rest it on something or use a tripod… hands are not still and you’ll make viewers feel seasick! We’ve featured a blog on picking the best microphones and we’ll soon launch one on the best cameras for video. If you’re still not happy with doing it in-house fivesquid have a pool of video content freelancers that will take your story board and turn it into an engaging video from a fiver. And if you find a seller you really like you can set up a recurring service (just make sure they are a PRO Seller) so you’ll have a constant supply of video content already edited… it really is that easy. 

Edit it

So you’ve done it alone and you’ve got your footage, but it needs some editing. Don’t give up! There are some fantastic basic editing packages out there and with a bit of practice you’ll be able to sort out your videos in no time. When filming just keep editing in mind - the least amount of editing the better. iMovie is a great starting point and will meet most of your needs. We also have a number of freelancer video editors that can take over this bit for you, this is a great option when you want to be the face of your business, but you’re not happy editing - just yet. 

Publish it

Now is not the time to fall at the last hurdle. You’ve done all the hard work, now you need to give your video one last push and understanding how YouTube ranks videos will help you out here. Make sure your keyword is at the beginning of the title of your video and include additional keywords. Back to the omelette you could title it 'How to make an omelette - perfect fluffy omelettes every time’. YouTube ranks videos on the following criteria: Keyword, number of views, like to dislike ratio and also average views (it’s rare for people to watch an entire video). So you're thinking - I can only control the title…which to a certain extent is true, but if you think outside of the box you’re creating the content so it’s entirely in your control. Think of your audience, does your video answer their need based on their search (your keywords?). If yes, you’re more likely to get a thumbs up. Is the video succinct, to the point, clear to understand verbally and visually? Tick all these boxes and your audience is more likely to stay for the duration. It’s not rocket science, just old school marketing in a different format. 


The moral of the video story is to spend some time at the beginning on your keywords (just remember to take a break from your screen every once in a while) and think about the video that you can create off the back of that, have a plan and away you go. We can’t wait to see your video content taking Google by storm, make sure you tag fivesquid when sharing your content on social media - we’ll be sure to give you a thumbs up!