How to create a Seller profile that will make you stand out


You’ve checked your email for the umpteenth time today and still no orders. Not even so much as a tentative enquiry. Your tummy’s rumbling and a pile of bills are waiting to be paid. This freelancing lark isn’t paying off, right? Before you throw in the towel, take a long, hard look at your seller profile. It could be the reason why your inbox is empty. Use this fivesquid guide to create a great profile and turn things around. Whether you are new to freelancing or experiencing a lull in orders, these tips will help you stand out.

Show off your skills

Selling online takes more than an eye-catching image. If you want to make money on a freelancing platform, you need skills that buyers want. Just as importantly, you need to be able to sell those skills in a few short sentences. Ensure your seller profile explains what your skills are, including any qualifications and experience, and what they can do for buyers. For example, can you make a business more efficient, drive traffic to a website or improve online engagement?

Pay attention to grammar

Nobody will buy your services if your seller profile contains spelling errors or suggests English is not your strong point. Buyers will just think you are sloppy. Take the trouble to double-check every sentence. Is it clear and grammatically correct? Does it contain a call to action? Would you buy something from someone with the same seller profile? Tip: ensure words that require a capital letter have one and vice-versa.

Be unique

Hook buyers in with a well-written, snappy profile. Most importantly, be unique. This will guarantee your profile stands out and draws attention away from the crowd. Make sure your profile contains an image of YOU. Don’t be shy. Stock images or blank spaces are a real turn-off for buyers. They like to see the ‘real’ you. It gives them confidence that you are a real person, and your services are genuine.

Catch the eye

We’re back to images. Once you have created a compelling seller profile, turn your attention to your services. Apply the same level of care and attention to service descriptions. Then make sure you support all of that with an eye-catching, relevant image. Again, make sure your service image is unique.

Check out the competition

That’s right, have a look at what your competitors are doing. What can you do better? Buyers are always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’, so what makes your services more relevant than others? For example, does a rival copywriter include ease of reading scores? Can your design service offer unlimited revisions?

Keep it fresh

Creating a great seller profile can take time. Once you get it right, orders will follow. But don’t let that stop you from updating your profile from time to time. Fresh content is important. It will show buyers that you are still selling your services.

Make money

Making money as a freelancer can be hard work. But it is also very rewarding. You get to choose when you work and how long for. Best of all, you meet the most amazing buyers who, if they like you, will send through orders time and time again.

Here’s some great seller profiles to inspire you…

KatieHowe combines compelling images with a short but informative seller profile that sells a varied copywriting and marketing portfolio. 

Blossom uses her seller profile to demonstrate her passion for voiceover work, leaving potential buyers in no doubt about her talents and the variety of services she has to offer. 

Webcore uses clear and concise description to demonstrate his impressive graphic design skills and experience, leaving buyers confident in his abilities.