How to create a brand through storytelling

We’re bang on the money when it comes to helping you keep pace with marketing trends. So here’s the low-down on one of the most important ingredients for successful branding. Storytelling. If that word sends a shiver down your spine, don’t worry. You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to create a brand with a story; neither do you need a degree in creative writing. You can bring your brand closer to your target market with these top insights.

Why create a brand with a story?

Just like the first time you meet someone, storytelling  brings your products and services closer to your audience. They create a brand by helping your target market get to know you. Stories reveal a lot about your vision, your ethics and your passion. Just like Nike captured hearts and minds with its Equality campaign, you too can reach out to people with a passive interest in your business and make them fans.

If you're not convinced, consider how you market a hard-to-sell product or service. Storytelling can unlock feelings that open closed doors and create a brand that people want to do business with. In short, it can inspire people to act. Why? Because people love stories. They remember a good old yarn much better than a mere slogan or straightforward sales pitch.

Create a brand with simple storytelling

Whisky isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to standing the test of time, the team at Johnnie Walker knows how to hold its audience. It uses storytelling across multiple platforms. Always drawing on its long history, it has found a way to engage people on every level. For Father’s Day, for example, its tagline was ‘The gift to give since 1820’. The story doesn’t end there. This is a business that has created a brand with storytelling at its very heart.

If you want to endear people to your business, create a brand that tells a story your audience will relate to. Build curiosity with conversations that include characters and circumstances. If people are intrigued by the start of your story they'll keep reading. To use storytelling effectively, you have to avoid bragging and instead concentrate on building a rapport. Getting your target market to relate to you is key.

Use your passion to create a brand

Emotion is a powerful marketing tool. If your story conveys your passion, it will resonate with your audience. That's because consumers like to be emotionally connected with brands, it gives them a sense of belonging. Laughter, love, triumph and even sadness can make your brand more ‘real’.

If you didn’t cry when you watched movies like The Fault In Our Stars or Watership Down, we’re not saying there's  something wrong with you. But… honestly, people love feeling emotionally connected to a brand. You can create a brand by not forgetting to appeal to people’s senses. Give your audience a flavour of your business with words that will help them to feel, taste and see your passion.

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So, what are you waiting for? Start telling your story...