How custom orders can increase your fivesquid sales

There are ways you can promote your services or offer promotions to existing clients. You don’t always have to wait for work to come to you. Use your initiative and common sense and should reap the rewards. As a PRO Seller, using a customer fivesquid order can really help you increase sales.

Using a custom fivesquid order to increase sales

Using a custom order on fivesquid can be the perfect opportunity to increase your fivesquid sales. Depending on the services you offer, sometimes you need to offer a more unique and individual service to your potential customer. Using extras is a great way of doing this, but sometimes you need to go over, above and beyond to offer that extra special, individual fivesquid service – this is where the custom order comes in.

Setting up a custom order

In order to be able to set up a customer order you will need to be a PRO Seller, upgrading is easy and you’ll soon recover the £20 fee. Once you’ve gone PRO setting up a custom order is very simple. If you’ve had a conversation with a potential client in your inbox, you can then offer a custom order at a click of a button, on the top right of the reply box you will see the text [Set up a Custom Order] by clicking on this you are then able to offer your potential client a custom order on fivesquid. If it’s based on one of your existing services, include the link to that, and also include a description of what you're offering – make sure you're clear on what is and isn’t included. Sometimes you may want to offer a lighter (reduced) version of your original service. Our best advice is to keep it to the point, but still cover everything that’s included in the service.

Using custom orders to increase fivesquid sales

You’re now a PRO Seller and you know how to create custom orders, but how to you use them to drive sales. fivesquid PRO Seller Adblaster shared this nifty little sales drive. He recently put together a special offer for existing clients who had previously purchased his one-month social media management service. He sent out an individual message to ten of his previous clients with his special offer (via the fivesquid Inbox) and out of 10 clients – good old-fashioned email comms, don’t underestimate it. He received no less than five new orders. This may not work for everyone – repeat orders for logo design are rare, but if you offer ongoing services like social media and search engine optimisation this could be a great way of reselling.

How to offer a promotional fivesquid service

Firstly, you need to decide on what you are going to offer, whether it is additional services, extras for free, a reduced price or a lighter service. Once you have sorted this, the next is to write an introduction to your custom order; you can then approach your old clients and make them a custom offer. A little advice, limit the number you send out, no more than ten, make sure you make each message individual and specific to that client. Avoid spamming at all costs, the key is to be helpful to clients, do not hound them or abuse your relationship...  the support team will not favourably on hard selling or spamming of our members. Once a client accepts your offer, go ahead and set up the custom order. If they decline, thank them for their time and let them know you are here should they ever need anything and leave them alone.


General rule of thumb for this one; only offer services that a buyer would want again, make sure you’re offering them something useful to them. Never send more than ten targeted sales emails (you will have your account suspended if your comms is deemed as spam). If you don’t get a response – take that as thanks but no thanks and never, ever badger a buyer.


Never spam clients, make it tailored to there needs and if they're not interested leave them alone