Fonts: What Do They Mean to Your Brand?

We all put lots of thought into the words we use and what they mean, but how many of us think about how they look? We're talking fonts today. When you’re looking to build your brand and put your skills in the spotlight, first impressions really do matter. That’s why we’re going to take a look at the basics you need to know about fonts, and then share a few hints and tips you won’t find anywhere else.

Little changes to your fonts can make a big difference

You don’t even have to change your font to see that the way words appear can subtly alter their meaning. Take a look at these examples:

  • Fonts matter: neutral, matter of fact
  • Fonts matter: extra emphasis, could be used to outline a private thought
  • FONTS MATTER: forceful, loud, feels like the words are being shouted
  • Fonts matter:  catches your eye, makes the words instantly jump out

Fonts let you personalise your message

Fonts are everywhere, and the moment you start looking at the styles various brands employ you’ll start to see an awful lot of thought has gone into making the right choice. Luxury brands tends to use elegant, sophisticated fonts that are pleasing on the eye. Budget brands tend to use large block or bubble characters that stand out on the shelves. The ethos of the brands is very different, and it’s reflected in the way their words look.

Picture how it will be read

Think about how your font is going to be used: web copy, product packaging, billboard, etc. This will determine the distance it will be read and how large it needs to be.

Can your fonts add character and style?

Your headlines, taglines and main text don’t have to be all the same font. If you can find a combination that really makes the page pop, go with it.

Serif vs San Serif

Do you know those little feet and ornate flicks stylish fonts have? It’s time to think about whether you want to include them in your final design. There’s no right or wrong answer, just think about how they connect with your brand and core message.

Are there any restrictions on the fonts you’ve chosen?

Many fonts are free, some are available at a small charge, and others are owned by specific brands. It’s really important to work with your graphic designer on this so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Looking for some font inspiration?

Take a look at for a whole host of fonts you can connect with your brand.

The final question: Is your font readable?

Remember that no matter how long you spend identifying your dream font, it still needs to be easily readable. If it’s not, head back to the drawing board and start over. With a few little tweaks you’ll soon have something people instantly connect with your brand as you stand out from the crowd like never before.