fivesquid’s top picks from the latest OED update - September 2017

It feels like it's been a long wait since the last update from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), but we think it was worth it. There are, as ever, lots of words added, from the bizarre to the ‘can’t believe they were not already included’. Admittedly, we’ve spent more time than we should looking through the list and cherry picking our favourites. It’s clear that the OED has influences from India in this update, including some fab words with Hindi and Punjab flavours! 

fivesquid’s picks from the latest OED update - September 2017



Hailing from Punjabi, achcha shows agreement to something, or you could be exclaiming disbelief or surprise. Achcha! A logo for a fiver?


We were instantly drawn to this one. It means something that is big or great. There could be a case for changing Best Sellers to Bada Sellers! 


We couldn’t believe this one wasn’t already listed. A Belter is something that's an astounding effort. What a belter! 

Chakka Jam

A lovely word used to describe a traffic jam that has been caused on purpose, by way of protest. Utter chaos but a relatively peaceful way to protest, as long as you can keep your road rage at bay! It comes from Hindi - Cakka is a wheel.  


No not a Chubba Chup lollipop, but another word of Hindi origin meaning be quiet; roll over shhh, there’s a new word in town.   


So not a word we imagine would be used that often, but according to the OED it is. Croggy is to ride on the crossbar of a bicycle - loads of fun, but please be careful. 


An on season word gets our thumbs up everytime. Something that is fungivorous feeds on mushrooms - we’d like ours with lots of butter and garlic on toast please, or perhaps with our full English - hummm...decisions, decisions.  


As with belter, surely this should have been included years ago. Huh is added at the end of the sentence to show your agreement or anger, depending on how you say it. 


Don't ask us how to pronounce it, another one with Hindi roots. Although not that glamorous, it’s a great word for a manufacturing company. They can make anything from cars to biscuits! 


We were thinking an aqua-park ride or sea-safari, so far from the truth it’s sad. Waterzooi is actually a stew from Belgium - we hope it’s not too watery...perhaps lost in translation?


This ones hails from the West Midlands and it’s someone that’s more than a little bonkers… that will be most of the fivesquid team then! 
That's it, now a long wait until next year, yes next year, until we get some new words to play with. We'll be back early 2018 with our top picks from the next instalment from the OED. In the meantime look back over our tops picks from this year and try to include them in your everyday dialogue, be it written or verbal. 
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