fivesquid seller case study: freelance writer Belinda Bennett

We're always banging on about the fabulous writers we have freelancing on fivesquid. Here, we're focusing the spotlight on one of our best...copywriter and content creator extraordinaire, Belinda Bennett - better known on fivesquid as Belinda65. The former newspaper editor shares some of her insights and experiences of working on fivesquid. 


What do you sell on fivesquid?  

I am a business copywriter, and my most popular service is blog post writing.

What prompted you to start selling your services on fivesquid?

I left the newspaper industry after 30 years in 2015. It was my own choice, but I quickly missed writing. I even hankered after the pressure of working to tight deadlines. Friends said my skills were going to waste and that I should consider freelancing. To test the water, I initially freelanced in the US. It was a very successful trial. Once I knew my skills were in demand, I looked for a UK-based platform for freelancers - and found fivesquid.

What do you like most about selling on fivesquid?

The people I write for. Most of them are repeat customers. Many first hired me when they were starting out in business. I have enjoyed watching their ventures get off the ground and grow.

Where do you do most of your work for fivesquid?

I am a full-time freelancer, and I work from my home office.

What’s your top tip for selling successfully on fivesquid?

Always be honest about your abilities and never miss a deadline.

How can buyers make your life better, other than buying more

By making their goals clearer. What is the purpose of the content? Is it to drive traffic to a product page, purely for SEO, to encourage website visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or to introduce a new service?

You’ve got 140 characters - sell yourself.

For bold, original and engaging website content, trust an expert who cares. I write copy that’s relevant and compelling 7 days a week. Fast, competent, professional.

If you were going to be an animal, what would you be?

Koi carp; a big fish in a small pond.

We notice you’re a best seller - what does this mean to you?

I achieved best seller status quite quickly and it definitely helps. It gives buyers confidence to give you a try.


Thank you Belinda for sharing your fivesquid story. Your superb skills and passion for writing are evident in the long thread of 5 star feedback from our fivesquid buyers. We think buyer PeterL sums up Belinda's work nicely: "3 excellent high quality blogs written which far exceeded expectations. Brilliant communication throughout to achieve everything I asked for and then some. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Belinda and will return to use her services again soon! Thank you."