fivesquid introduces the PRO Seller upgrade

We, the fivesquid team have been listening to our sellers and buyers and we’ve taken some of your best ideas (credit where credit is due) and created the brand new PRO Seller upgrade. The PRO Seller has been cunningly designed to help sellers provide the best service to our buyers by giving more flexibility and also some nifty new features. We hope this will make buyers keep coming back for more. Which means sellers will be able to earn more, creating a virtuous circle where everyone is a winner. So what does upgrading to a PRO Seller unlock? You mean beyond unlocking your true selling potential?!…. read on …. 

Create custom orders: 

Oh yes! This means just what it says on the tin, once you upgrade to a PRO Seller, you can create a completely bespoke (custom) order for clients, and the best bit is that you can charge any price you like. 

Offer extras: 

Upgraded PRO Sellers have the option to offer extras to their orders. It's great to start with the most simple of services and offer multiple add-ons or extras so the buyer can start to tailor it to what they need.  Adding extras to all your services can make a huge difference to your earning potential. You’ve got to love an upsell! 

Recurring services: 

We told you it was a good one! Upgraded PRO Sellers can now offer services on a subscription basis. Be it weekly or monthly, you can have guaranteed business and income with your fab recurring services – go on create a recurring service now! 

More credits: 

You need credits to post services and to respond to requests. As we are the generous type we’ll swing 50 bonus credits your way when you upgrade to a PRO Seller.  Also, you’ll get a very handy top up of 10 credits every month. 

Any price: 

We’re offering PRO Sellers the chance to sell services at any price (though still in multiples of £5). Upgraded PRO Sellers can sell services from £15 to £500 and beyond! Come on, we must have sparked your attention now?!  

PRO Seller tag: 

So buyers know that you're a PRO Seller we'll even add the word PRO to your services and profile, a little sign to buyers that you mean business and that you’re a committed fivesquid seller – it will certainly give you some added kudos. 

We hope you can see the benefits of upgrading to a PRO Seller and how it could help you earn more on the platform. If you're interesting in upgrading or want the low down check out the upgrade page for more info. If you have any questions or need a hand with anything contact the support team or have a look at our FAQs.