Fab new new words added to the OED - June 2018

The team at fivesquid have been so busy we nearly missed the latest update of new words from the OED… I know, can you imagine! But just in time, we bring you the June 2018 updates from the OED. We’ve been treated to over 900 new words in this issue so put your feet up and let us broaden your vocabulary with our top 10 words from the latest instalment: 



We’ve loving the first entry… antwacky is a Scouse word that describes something or more likely someone that is old-fashioned and out of date!


This has two meanings: you could be referring to someone that is old and wise, hence the whiskers, or perhaps someone that is just old and getting a bit whiskery; and yes this is a gender neutral word! 


We thought this sounded like an old word, but in fact according to the Oxford dictionary, it was first used in the 1990s in the Simpsons and it means something is acceptable. We think this may have been Lisa rather than Homer or Bart. 


No idea? Clearly you’re not from Northern Ireland then. Geg describes something or someone that is entertaining and fun… kinda like a good crack! 


New slang alert! Plazzy is slang for plastic, and we hope you’re finding ways to use less of it - no more plazzy bags, plazzy cups, plazzy straws… you get the drift. 


This hails from the Midlands in the UK and it refers to someone who is just plain miserable all the time… we all know a Victor Meldrew.


You can’t scroll on instagram without seeing this now classic breakfast dish of eggs baked in a spicy tomato sauce… overshared but oh so delicious… did someone say brunch?! 


Squick is so close to squid we just had to explore… and squick is how to say someone feels more than a little queasy at the site of something - say blood or someone else being sick… feeling squik yet?! 


We’ve seen politicians and colleagues do this one time and time again, a classic in avoiding tricky questions… yep, when someone doesn’t answer the question but instead raises a different issue to suit their agenda… 


Ok, so we picked this one as a great word for scrabble addicts out there.  A word to describe something that has been so overcooked that it’s dry, but often used when someone leaves tea steeping in a pot so it becomes stewed. 


The next update is due in September, we’ve set a reminder this time! Until then, enjoy these new words and be sure to check out the full list from the OED here. 


sources: Oxford English Dictionary / Oxford Dictionary