Time to expand your vocabulary? The OED's new words release

The latest update from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has just been released and regular readers will know this has the fivesquid team very excited. The list has a staggering “1,400+ new words, sense and subentries”. Every time the fivesquid team pick out their top ten stand out favs - no easy task. Over an afternoon cuppa and after much debate …


Here are the team’s favourite new words… 

berko: Berko we assume comes from the word berserk. If you go berko you’re either really, really excited or angry… we hope the former.

dejunk: It’s on trend at the moment to live a simpler paired back life without possessions and the rising trend in renting all manor of things - not just houses but also furniture, outfits etc illustrates this. To dejunk is to get rid of junk from a place - just remember if you can up-cycle, recycle or repurpose - after all one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure! 

dickride: behave! It had us too. This is in fact when you mirror or copy another person - most commonly used in hip-hop, but we think it could get the wider world’s attention.

gamification: We loved this word; gamification, which is just as it sounds making a game of anything. How? Enlist a bit of competitiveness in everyday activities, create a scoring system, prizes if you can or perhaps forfits for the least scores… we’re thinking an afternoon ice-cream run for the office. 

herky-jerky: What a great word that describes anything that is a bit jerky - suddenly stopping and starting - think learner drivers. 

meeple: Sometimes there are words you never released you needed until you see it. You know those people shaped figurines used in a board game they have a name… meeples. 

nutsack: We like a word that says what it does on the tin. In this instance a sack to carry nuts… Salted or dry roasted?

quillow:  Now a few of us in the office could do with one of these for a cheeky afternoon nap. A quilliow is a combo of a quilt and a pillow, to be precise a pillow that unfolds into a quilt. 

schlocker: Just a great word to say… go on say it again! A schlocker is a movie that whilst watchable has no real merit to it… we’ve all watched them a Schlockbuster! And as we limit ourselves to ten words we just had to share schmoozeest (networking darlings) and schmancy (fancy). 

spit take: That moment when someone makes you laugh at precisely the wrong  moment and you spit out whatever it was you were drinking - that is called a spit take. 

These are fivesquid’s top picks, we’ll be peppering these through our emails over the next few days! Have a look at the full list, but be warned it has some words that will make you LOL, at times blush #racy and there’s a high chance of some spit take action!  Check back here in September for the next influx of words … the countdown begins. 

Sources: Oxford English Dictionary