Entrepreneurship in a nutshell

More and more people these days are looking to become independent entrepreneurs. There is, after all, an obvious attraction to deciding for yourself how you manage your business and organise your own time.

So, how is entrepreneurship defined today? And, more importantly, what makes for a good entrepreneur?

What's a good entrepreneur?

In today’s world, it's far easier to found a company of your own. With modern technology, you could sit at home in your pyjamas and slippers in front of your computer and start a business. Pretty cool when you think about it, right? But before you get over your head and spend too much money on your fabulous business idea, find out if you have what it takes to succeed.

Rummage through business novelties

Successful entrepreneurs are constantly seeking inspiration and working on new ideas. You have to be a busy bee, and if you can't do that - find the best way to imitate a good idea that already exists. And how will you do that? Well, research the market and identify what somebody else has already done really well, and adapt and use it in your own way.

It's also important not to be an outdated boss who stubbornly sticks to your old ways - experiment a little, get wild a bit, play around with different options!

Offer something new

There are always ways to boost your sales and offer something fresh and exciting to the market. People love original ideas, and we’re not saying that you need to be a new Einstein, just use what already works in an original way. Once you know what you want to develop, get stuck in and make your ideas stand out from the crowd.

Take risks, but don’t go crazy

"He who dares wins!" Yes, this is true, but you need to be prepared for every eventuality. It’s never a good idea to take a big risk based solely on a hunch.

Challenge the status quo

If an idea doesn't work the first time, rather than cursing your bad luck, ask yourself what you would change the next time around. Be a chameleon - adapt to the circumstances, change your attitude, adjust the idea to the actual situation.

Make headway from the start

Your company's image is what attracts customers from the get-go. So how do you create a positive business image?

- Firstly, come up with a great name for your business that’ll get your company noticed and make it memorable.

- work on your branding. Style your company’s branding through details such as colour, images, and font that will be recognisable on your website, business card and your workplace.

- use the incredible influence of social media to your advantage, using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to communicate with your target audience.

- being visible on the internet means knowing how SEO optimization works. As SEO Resellers often emphasise, many first-time entrepreneurs think that their job is done when their website is up - well, it isn’t. So you may want to consider getting some professional help to make sure your site is being seen.

- advertising will help raise awareness of your brand. Explore the various marketing channels available and decide which one would be most effective for your line of business.

Entrepreneurship is all about creativity and hard work. You're the leader and the main motivator, so work on your skills. If you make a calculated startup of your business, chances are you're on the right path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.