Creating a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is an invaluable professional tool, whether you are looking for work, potential sales leads or recruiting your own team - without the sky high agency fees. We’d hazard a guess that you've been looked up on LinkedIn at least once in your life. Does that make you cringe, be delighted or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle? As ever we’ve taken the research element out of creating a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed so all you need to do is read on and then yes you will have to roll up your sleeves and put in some effort. 

fivesquid's recommendations on creating a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed:

Think of LinkedIn as a shop window says Ngair Moyes

Talk about how amazing you are, cause we know you are. Don’t just list every job - let your audience know what you achieved - give examples of why you're so amazing. Writing in the telegraph, Ngaire Moyes (Corporate Comms for LInkedIn - knows her stuff) recommends viewing your LInkedIn profile as a shop window and decorate it in a way that will attract your target audience (give more oomph to the really good bits) and don’t be shy about it.  

Headline and Summary

This is your chance to hook your audience, make it relevant, snappy and exciting - you want people to read on, not click on. Remember a headline isn’t just a job title - tell people about your role, why you love it, shout about your achievements and think keywords. Your summary is your story, make it interesting and show your energy for what you do - just please avoid overused terms such as; passionate, strategic, responsible, team player… you get the drift! You need to show your passion rather than state that you're passionate - harder to do, but a 1,000 times more impactful. 

Detail, detail and detail 

We all know content is king and it still is. Include as much detail as you can. You know when LinkedIn reminds you to add information - add it! The more information a profile has the more likely it is to be viewed - the bare minimum is a proper profile image (more on that later) and at least one role. 

How to write

Think of LinkedIn as an interview rather than a resume or CV. In an interview you wouldn't use the 3rd person but the first person - this is what we advise, but if you're adamant that you’d rather speak about yourself in the 3rd then go ahead - whatever you do please be consistent. Avoid jargon unless it’s 100% relevant and keep things simple and easy to understand and please no business cliches. Write as you would speak (unless you have tourettes), it will allow you to inject some personality and give people a feel for the person behind the profile. 

Show your best side

LinkedIn tells us a profile with an image is 11 times more likely to be viewed. Make sure your image is a professional one and you are dressed appropriately. You may have looked amazing on your wedding day, or gloriously tanned on holiday but save those for your personal social streams. LinkedIn is a professional platform and your image should reflect that. A well shot image of you, nothing else (your significant other will have to be cut out). Also, make sure the image is up to date, you may prefer the way you looked 15 years ago, but the school uniform gives it away! Your header cover image can be a bit of a nightmare - we recommend just sourcing a royalty free image that stands out without distracting and if that is too hard why not get someone to design you a jpg to the right resolution and size?  fivesquid has some great services for just this. 

Check it and check it again

This is vital. Your profile should be free from typos, grammar mistakes and misspellings. Get a professional proof reader to check it over if you know it’s a weakness, hell even if it’s not a weakness. A poorly written profile can be an instant turn off to your audience. 


Yep, keywords aren’t just for your website - identify what words you want to be found for and make sure you use them on your headlines, summary and profiles. 


Personalise your LinkedIn URL, it’s easy and there’s no charge and it’s way better that some randomised digits. 

Get endorsements, just make sure they’re relevant

Make sure you give your skills a little sparkle, put some context around them. You’ve listed your skills, endorsements do just that - endorse them. You need to ask for endorsements, don't be shy about it, in fact be demanding and specific - yep ask for endoresments for particular skills. If someone endorses you for something that it’s really irrelevant ask them to change it - if you don't ask...! If they don’t, change it you can remove it. Be a master of your trade not a jack of all. 

Get yourself connected

LinkedIn suggests you have at least 50 connections, for most of us this should be pretty straightforward. Are you ready to network? It’s encouraged that you network - it’s the whole principle around LinkedIn. Connect with people you don’t know but perhaps you're fascinated by their sector or see them as an influencer. Also, if you are sending invites to connect with others, please spend a bit of time to personalise the invite. You’ll have more chance of connecting than if you don't. 

Be social

You need to find groups that are relevant to you and join them. Don’t stop there, that was the easy bit, get involved - join conversations and why not start conversations. Remember it’s a conversation not a sales pitch, if your conversation is interesting you’ll find sales may follow.

Keep current, by putting in the work

According to LinkedIn 20 posts a month reach 60% of your LinkedIn audience and the best time to post is on Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm. We’re saying post something every working day and in the afternoon - remember LinkedIn is a professional platform so it operates during working hours… leave it alone at the weekend or at least go into private mode. It’s easy to ignore your profile when you're busy or when you’re not after something (contacts, leads etc), but by being active on it daily it will make things easier when you are on the scrounge. 

Repurpose content 

The new age of upcycling content has arrived and we’re great believers in this… just make sure you repurpose it with a few tweaks to make it relevant for your LinkedIn audience. Make content varied and interesting, blog posts, videos, comment on newsworthy and hot industry topics. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, it may open a debate. Join the conversation by commenting on others content. The one rule here is don’t be negative, you can disagree, just be respectful. 

Go private - strategically 

How irritating is it when you get updates from someone all the time - they’ve added a new skill, new picture etc? Go into private mode when you're doing an overhaul or tweaking bits here and there. Go public when it’s something that is worth sharing. 


Still stumped with your LinkedIn profile or lack the time it really deserves? Fear not we’ve got squillons of freelance LinkedIn specialists that are here to help, from a few teaks here and some serious optimising or perhaps a complete rewrite is in order. Don’t forget it needs to look good too, fivesquid graphic designers can sort out your header cover and our content experts can ensure you have consistently, timely and relevant content perhaps with a recurring / subscription service from a PRO Seller. Even if you get a freelancer onboard to help, you're still going to have to put in some effort at least to brief and give the freelancer the basis from which to work. 


We like this quote from Thomas Edison...

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work!"


You’ve got no excuses we never want to see a member of the fivesquid community being 'most people' and selling themselves short! 



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