The biggest debate in SEO: are keywords still important in 2018?

One of the biggest debates in the SEO industry is the importance of keywords, so we thought we’d investigate if keywords are still important in 2018. How they play a role on your website, how to use them effectively and some sound advice on using keywords in 2018.

Content is STILL King in 2018

Content is King as are Keywords in 2018Before we get into the use of keywords and their importance. We should first look at content on websites, it’s not going anywhere! After all this is the bigger picture to keywords and key phrases. There really is no secret to ranking highly on major search engines such as Google, the foundation of a good website is good quality, unique content. Content that engages your clients and customers, and provides interesting reading. Someone is much more likely to buy from you if you provide good content. If your content is poorly written, full of spelling mistakes or spammy then this is more likely to drive potential clients or customers away. And because your content should be built around your keywords it is important to get it right.

Using Keywords in 2018

The use of keywords has changed over the years. In 2018 it is not simply a case of sticking them into your meta keyword tag, in fact this carries very little weight today. The important aspect of using keywords is through good quality, unique content (did we mention content is still King?) Of course it is all a case of getting the balance right, your content needs to be good whilst containing your keywords throughout, but not too many, keep it under 2%. You should never try and FORCE keywords into your content, they should be natural and flow seamlessly into your content. Google will soon pick up sites that try and manipulate keywords which may result in a Google penalty, something no-one wants.

Writing Content with Your Keywords

When considering your keywords or key phrases, try not to juggle too many, for instance, focus on one keyword when writing an article or a piece of content, yes, it is possible to have two or three in there but again, you need to make sure your content is natural, and when you do write really good content based on your focused keyword, other incidental keywords will emerge.


So, to answer the question, ‘Are keywords still important in 2018?’ Yes, they are, but only when used properly and within good quality, unique content. No good at content writing? We recommend hiring a freelance professional content writer from on fivesquid obvs!