Kapow: new words from the Oxford English Dictionary

In Blighty, autumn has truly set in, the mornings are dark and the team at fivesquid had been feeling a little glum, but then an announcement from Oxford Dictionaries had us cracking a full beam smile… yep, they announced their latest update of new words this October. Inspiration for this instalment are courtesy of the current political climate, with some food and drink (yum) flavours and also a sprinkling of Star Wars words… peaked your interest? It did us. So, without further waffling:

Here are the team’s top 10 new words from the latest update from the OED. 


Amber Pudding: Near the top of the list, this one had us thinking, ‘yes please with cream’… but then you delve a little deeper: and discover it’s not sweet, it’s in fact wrapped in a pig’s intestine and boiled to oblivion, bizarrely not a dish commonly seen! Today’s first lesson, always read the small print. 

Arancini: Now, for something much more appetising. A delicious morsel served as a starter or a little snackette, a round breadcrumb ball of risotto rice and savoury filling - lovingly fried and served warm. Flavours are limitless, but as it’s autumn we’re thinking mushrooms, with a hint of truffle and a bigger hint of cheese! 

Chillax: How has this only just been added? We’ve been saying chillax for eons. It really needs no explaining, but here goes: it’s a mash up of  chill and relax - you use it to tell someone to calm down. 

Easy-breezy: What a wonderfully descriptive word… you immediately feel the warm wind blowing on a glorious summers day. The word is often associated with dress codes - this will be the dress code for summer 2020 - you heard it here first! 

Jedi: It’s recognised as a religion, so it may as well be recognised as a word. The warriors on the ‘good’ side in Star Wars - a host of other Star Wars gems were also included, we had to limit it to one - it’s not a Star Wars convention! 

Kapow: Showing some of the team’s age, but remember the original Batman TV series? Then you can picture the Kapow.  What a brilliantly emotive word and as in the Batman series it was always used in comic text to show a massive punch or explosion.

Manhattanhenge: This one had passed us by (obviously two days of the year we abstained from insta). This is when Manhattan in NYC sees the sun rise or set in perfect alignment with their east to west running streets - a sight to behold, having had a quick google. It happens twice a year around the summer and winter solstice - hence the name (thanks Wiki).  

Omnishambles: We tried to steer clear of politics, you get enough of that everywhere else. But this word sums things up beautifully. As the word implies - Omni (many / multiple) and shambles (chaos made by many mistakes)… nuff said! 

Poke: There has been no avoiding this on the gram. Poke is a Hawaiian dish that health food advocates have been styling and flaunting over the channel for ages. Broken down, it’s rice with raw fish and vegetables and of course an avo… basically sushi ingredients in a bowl. 

Satoshi: This is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin - named after the founder. A satoshi is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin, which fluctuates so widely it could be worth a mega yacht or a grain of rice. 

Simples: The Meerkats have a lot to answer for… the team at fivesquid have said simples more than once. Even Theresa May (ex PM) showed her lighter side by using the word during Brexit debates. As it says on the tin, it’s a way of showing that your proposed solution is a no brainer and utterly straightforward. 

Summink and whatevs: Ok, we’re cheating, two words counting them as one. Summink; great slang for something and Whatevs an abbreviation of whatever to show your utter disinterest in whatevs is going on or being said. 

If you’re craving more, read this brilliantly written piece from Jonathan Dent, OED Senior Assistant Editor.  Still wanting more? The full list is available here.  Thanks OED for rescuing us from a dark and gloomy morning in October. We’ll be sure to make great use of these new official words. 

Until next time! 

P.S. We know we picked twelve not ten, but there were so many good ones… ten to twelve is like the fivesquid version of a baker's dozen… and we’re counting summink and whatevs as one.