How to create cheap advertising jingles for a business or a brand

Music can arguably be the most important thing when advertising your brand or business. Think of how many companies you can name, simply because of the music used on their advertisements; be it a super catchy song or a super annoying jingle that you can’t get out of your head. Almost every company has a jingle of their own. For example; certain food and insurance companies come to mind when we think of memorable jingles. Cheap advertising jingles are a fantastic way for a business to gain exposure. Just imagine TV with no music!

We’re constantly bombarded with jingles. Multiple times per day in fact. Think of Apple’s signature text message sound, Go Compare’s insurance jingle on TV, or a radio advertisement for a car company. Some are awesome and some are just plain naff!

We wanted to get an experts view if brands could get advertising jingles that don’t cost the earth. Our attention was grabbed by fivesquid freelancer ‘Vampvond’ Belfast based musician and designer – so we asked Chris (Vampvond) his thoughts on creating cheap advertising jingles for a business or a brand and this is what he had to offer.

How to create cheap advertising jingles for a business or a brand


Don’t over do it

Cheap advertising jingles should be memorable but not overdone. Don’t forget it might be used for only 10 - 60 seconds, therefore a full blown song with a band may be too much. Think of memorable TV advertisement jingles; some put a focus on the voice, some may just be a simple piano tune or some may be just played on guitar.

Short helps keep costs low

Keep in mind that music may be the last item on a company’s budget, especially very small businesses. Therefore, one can assume a lot of people will seek cheap advertising jingles. This can actually be to your benefit. It is much quicker and less resource heavy to produce a one-minute jingle, as opposed to a full song for an album. You will be able to produce a lot more jingles in the space it would take to create one full length song.

Tips for buyers

Make sure the jingle is relevant to your buyer, but absolutely put your spin on it. Let your buyer know your ideas and suggestions. Make sure your seller will happily re-work your jingle if you’re not happy with it – within reason!

Tips for sellers

Sellers find out the intended purpose of the jingle. Is it for a business, an online video or an app? Ask the buyer for any themes or ideas they may have. ‘Vampvond’ tries to imagine the kind of jingle that would be appropriate for the business/buyer. For example, if it was for a charity, he might create a warming, upbeat jingle, which will show the business in a positive light. Make sure your instructions are clear to buyers on your order page and ask buyers to read the entire gig information before ordering. Be friendly with your buyers and above all, have fun writing!

You never know where your jingle could be heard one day!


make sure you get a contract for copyright for your cheap advertising jingle

There is also the question of copyright; it will be up to you to decide if you or the gig buyer will retain copyright of the jingle. If it is being used on a very large scale, such as TV or radio, think about drawing up a contract of copyright ownership. You can look further into this online. It can be easy to get inspired by other people’s music, but make sure the music is of your own original creation & that it doesn’t sound like any other famous songs or jingles. Always pass written lyrics through a copyright/plagiarism checker online, this will ensure that your lyrics do not sound too similar to anything else that is out there.


Who’d have thought you could have a jingle for brand without spending a fortune? You can ditch the dodgy royalty free background tracks for your videos … mute button no longer required! Check out fivesquid cheap jingle services today. Thanks Vampvond for the knowledge bombs.


More about fivesquid freelancer Vampvond

Chris, aka Vampvond usually offers one-minute jingle services, but if you want longer jingles you can order additional gigs. Rest assured Chris is one of those sellers that will rework a jingle if all doesn’t go to plan… but thankfully this has not happened so far, his buyers are always chuffed to bits when they listen to their jingle!