5 Ways Social Media Can Save You Money


Social media, you either love it, or hate it, but either way we all know that it’s a necessary evil that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, whether you spend hours poring over Pinterest, or just use your lunchbreak to talk on Twitter you may as well be putting social networks to good use and saving yourself a bit of cash at the same time. Never before have we had such an instant and direct form of communication with businesses and other like-minded individuals, so let’s celebrate with these 5 ways that social media can save you money:



Not just for Twitter, hashtags are used all over the world of social media, and from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, you can use hashtags to search for anything you like. Searching for terms like ‘#freebie’, ‘#deal’, ‘#coupon’ or ‘#bargain’ are all great ways to find discounted products, coupons and information on how to save yourself a few quid on your next shop.


Pinterest Boards

When it comes to Pinterest, the traditional hashtag search isn’t as easy as you may think. Hashtags rarely produce any results and can be time-consuming and frustrating for users, so you may have to take a different approach. Deals are there to be found, so instead of searching for hashtags, you'll have to search ‘boards’ for deals and coupons that users have pinned. Just type your search in the search box, and use the filters to include boards within your search to see the most recent deals and coupons relevant to your search.


Direct Messaging

It really hasn’t ever been as easy for customers to get in touch with retailers and businesses; thanks to Twitter’s Direct Message and Facebook’s Instant Messenger functions, you can literally send a personal message right into the inbox of any company instead of sending an email to some corporate executive who will never reply. So whether you want to chance your arm and ask a company for a discount, or want to complain about the service you have received and get your money back for a product, you can use direct messaging to your advantage to save yourself some dosh.


Facebook groups

Now truly is the time of the Facebook group, and no matter what you’re interested in, there is definitely a Facebook group devoted to that subject with dedicated and active members ready to help you out. A simple search for whatever you're looking for in the Facebook search bar, and you'll be confronted with hundreds of Facebook groups that you can join. Great groups to join for saving money are local buy and sell groups, or deal and coupon finding groups such as ‘Ashleigh Money Saver’, ‘Mr Money Saver UK’ and ‘Extreme Couponing and Deals UK’.


Instagram Bios 

You may have already realised that Instagram doesn’t allow users to post clickable links to outside websites in photo or image descriptions, so instead many retailers and companies will include a link, coupon code or deal code on their Instagram bio page where it can be quickly and easily found. Just follow your favourite brands on Instagram and keep checking their profile page for a great deal!