Administration fee

From 2 April 2016, all purchases will incur an administration fee. This fee is to help us recover some of the payment transaction charges applied by our payment service providers. These providers enable us to offer our members a completely safe, secure and convenient payment platform, greatly reducing the risk of online fraud. The administration fee also helps towards our associated costs in manually handling payments, refunds, order-related disputes and providing a reliable customer support service. More importantly to all of us, these fees will allow us to invest more into the community, bringing improved functionality and services to the site.

How much is the administration fee?

This administration fee is calculated as follows and is applied to the total payment amount at the time of purchase:

Purchase Price Fee
£5.00 - £9.99 8%
£10.00 - £19.99 6.5%
£20.00 - £49.99 4.5%
£50.00 - £99.99 3%
£100.00+ 2.7%
  • Purchases made from Seller revenues in your account are not subject to the above-mentioned fees
  • Purchases made from Buyer credit in your account (following a credit or refund) are not subject to the above-mentioned fees
  • Payments refunded to your PayPal account or original payment card following cancellation of an order will include a refund of the administration fee paid.

How is the administration fee charged?

When a buyer places an order on the site, the administration fee will be added to the total amount due at the time of purchase (at checkout). The buyer can review and choose whether or not to accept the total amount requested before making payment.

I thought the name meant that you could purchase services on the site from £5, not £5.40.

Almost every business charges fees of some description and, up until now we haven’t charged any fees on purchases made on the website. However, in order for us to continue to develop and evolve our community and the range of features we make available and provide an efficient service that is secure and effective, we need to invest more and by recovering some of the associated costs, we will be able to. That is why we’ve introduced the administration fee.

So technically you are paying more, however the £5 services displayed on the site are still £5 services, that hasn’t changed. What has changed is that we (, not the seller, apply an administration fee of 8% to the cost of every £5 service. Buyers now pay the price displayed for the service itself and the appropriate administration fee based on the applicable percentage of the total purchase price.

Are all members affected by the change?

If you’re a seller on the site, then your successful sales will already be subject to commission fees. Don’t worry, those fees are not changing and as a seller you won’t be directly affected by the new administration fee.

The administration fee will only apply to you if you’re a buyer making a purchase on the site, and it won’t apply to purchases you make using your balance.

We hope you feel the fees are reasonable and we are working hard to keep them as low as possible. If there’s anything that you are not sure about, please contact us via the website and we’ll get back to you.