About Us

fivesquid.com launched in 2011 in the UK and is now renowned for being the marketplace for individuals and businesses to trade skills and services. The website hosts thousands of services to meet any creative requirements and budgets. From freelance graphic design services to great gifts online, members can buy or sell skill-based services to earn an additional income or support on-going projects.  

With an avid community of service buyers and sellers, the company’s mission is to enable micro-jobs to be the first choice for individuals utilising skills and companies seeking short-term resources. The company has already attracted a number of national publications, from The Evening Standard to The Times to review the functionalities of the website.

Why fivesquid.com is great for freelancers

fivesquid.com wants to encourage each individual to grow their skills with the website and build strong working relationships online. There are a variety of individuals who sell freelance services through the website:

  • Students who are just starting out in their career and need support to grow their client-base and portfolios

  • Small companies who use the website to attract a wider client base e.g. A company offers to design your own t-shirt for £5 on fivesquid.com but also has various other services and products that members may be interested in, that are not necessarily on the fivesquid.com website

  • Professional freelancers advertise a snapshot of their skills to attract new clients e.g. freelance editing jobs can cost up to £200 for a minute footage edit, on fivesquid.com professional freelancers offer to edit a 30 second footage for £20, which makes it feasible for the individual as they get multiple orders, and it’s great for the service buyer as they have a professional freelancer at an affordable price.

  • Individuals looking to earn an extra income and are in full-time work already. In fact, 37% of members on fivesquid.com are full-time professionals. You may wonder, why would they need to work on fivesquid.com if they have a full-time job, well some are saving for a trip to Disneyworld Florida and some just have skills that they practise as a hobby and wish to share with the fivesquid.com community.  

Why fivesquid.com is great for companies

Small, medium enterprises are already finding it difficult to grow their business, they don’t need extortionate agency fees for projects and tasks that can be done quickly, efficiently and affordably. fivesquid.com loves hearing from companies that have saved thousands of pounds on resources by simply buying micro-jobs to suit their project needs through the website.

  • Budgeting could not be simpler – On fivesquid.com all microjobs are listed in 4 payment categories, £5, £10, £20, £50. Members who wish to buy a service can clearly see the prices outlined before they buy, this makes project budgeting a breeze. If a project scope changes and there are additional requirements needed, all of these are listed on the service order page. A common example is when deadlines are cut and projects need to be delivered as soon as possible. For extra fast delivery, a member can simply go through the order’s extras and add the delivery preferences to the order. It’s as simple as that, now members can budget for a project without getting quotes or negotiating prices.

  • A secure working environment - On fivesquid.com service sellers only get paid once the work is delivered along with all relevant documentation. Fivesquid.com takes quality assurance very seriously and has procedures in place to ensure orders are delivered on time and as expected.

  • A fun community to work with – Service sellers on fivesquid.com are the ones that make the company special. Some of the biggest service sellers have been members of the website since it launched back in 2011 and the great thing is, they are all eager to help. You don’t need to feel like you will get charger per hour, you can ask for advice or suggestions when working on projects because it’s in the service sellers’ best interest to ensure you have an amazing product and an easy working experience.

  • Credibility is key – Our service sellers pride themselves on the number of reviews and testimonials their freelance jobs get. Before you order, you can review the quality of each job by reading the reviews or looking at the % rating overall to determine whether you think the job would benefit your project.

At the moment fivesquid.com members are located in over 100 countries, which is great if you want to have international exposure for your skill or service. As always registrations is free for both buyers and sellers of services.


If you would like more information about the people behind the company or would like to see some case studies of successful buyers and sellers, feel free to get in touch through our media page.