I will write blog posts for you on any topic up to 350 words for £5

  • write blog posts for you on any topic up to 350 words
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With a BA and MA in creative writing, and a witty light-hearted style of writing, I am not just the writer you need, but the writer you deserve! 

I have been writing for various websites and blogs for little over five years writing about food, travel, pets, movies, and pretty much everything in between. Blogging is a great way to discuss opinions, share links, and get involved with wider communities.

My personal writing style of choice is informal, however, I am somewhat of a chameleon, and can change my style to fit your needs.

For just £5.00 I will write 350 words of unique content, focusing on a topic of your choosing. This will be delivered back to you in two working days. Within that time frame, I will research and create your content, also proofreading and editing to make sure it is of the highest quality.  I will also liaise with you every step of the way.

Help reach your target audience and grow your web presence with engaging and informative content!

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