I will remove your forgotten Restriction Password for PDF, Word, Excel for £5

  • remove your forgotten Restriction Password for PDF, Word,  Excel
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If you have forgotten your password and cannot open your file then you're at right place.

I can unlock read-only PDF / Word / Excel document by removing the password that restricts you from editing, printing, etc.

I can also do the following:

1) Remove known Password so that you do not have to put it again and again.
2) Remove Header and Footer from PDF.
3) Remove Water Marks from PDF.
4) Remove restrictions on Printing, Changing the document, Content copying, Page extraction, etc.
5) Encrypt Your PDF/Word/Excel with security.


Q1:     Difference between File Open Password and Restriction?

Ans:    File Open Password means a password is required to Open the file and Restriction means file can be read but cannot be edited/printed/copied.

Q2:    Is it possible to remove File Open Password?

Ans:   No. Not all files are possible to be opened. It depends on the security and properties of the file.

Q3:   Is it possible to remove Restriction of PDF, Word, Excel and VBA files?

Ans:  Yes. Almost all the restriction can be removed from PDF, Word, Excel and VBA, if a file doesn't have any open password.

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