I will be your personal life advisor for 1 day for £50

  • be your personal life advisor for 1 day
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Have you ever felt lost in the big world? Are you struggling to manage your life responsibilities?  Do you want to do more without adding to your day to day tasks?


I am offering to be your personal assistant for a day (weekly/monthly rates negotiable) and will look to assist to in all aspects of your life. From things such as providing research on the best interest savings accounts, creating personal weekly/monthly budgets, diet and exercise advice tailored to your goals (qualified personal trainer)  and personal calendar reminders for appointments including booking and corresponding on your behalf. 


Nothing is too big or too small, just tell me what to do and consider it done!


If you have any questions then please feel free to get in contact. I offer a 5* service and always work as if it was own life I was looking after meaning your best interests are kept at heart.


Thank you!


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