I will read your Work Future with tarot cards for £5

  • read your Work Future with tarot cards
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Hello! Nice to meet you, I go by Aeliana. I have been doing tarot readings for the past two years. 

  • I will provide a roughly 500 word reading from 2-3 cards. Please see below example:

your card was the eight of fire. this card is about new beginnings so yes, it is definitely time to change your job and start afresh. now the card was actually reversed when I pulled it so I’m going to apply this as best I can. when the card is reversed it means that problems will follow from this change if you act lazy. you say that there is a major risk, but what is this risk? are you the reason this risk exists? if so then, it would be best for the future that this risk is eliminated. or that anything which could hinder your change and turn it into something which restricts you in the future - you should make sure that you will not cause any problems. perhaps if one job is what you want to do then you will have a better performance? or since one is just motivation drawn from financial gain, then you should look to the other job? fire is the sign of creativity and passion after all.


I will also include numerology, zodiac and element readings in this as my cards are based on elements.


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