I will proofread and edit any document or article for £5

  • proofread and edit any document or article
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Did you know that 70% of people will instantly stop reading your document, website content, article or book when they see a spelling or grammar mistake? 

That's why I work hard to make sure your book or document is perfect. With over 4 years of proofreading and editing experience, I can spot mistakes that many proofreaders would miss. I guarantee that you'll be happy with my service.

I will personally edit your book or document for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I do not outsource. My goal is to make your paper, document shine! 

Whether you need a paper proofread for class or a novel edited, I’ve got your back. I’m here to make sure the work you submit represents your best work.

You'll receive:
* A proofread copy of your document with my changes tracked in MS Word
* A proofread copy that's ready to go, with all my changes implemented.

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*includes the price of the gig