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Start-Up idea?
Expanding your business into the UK?
Need accurate research quickly?

Grassroots market research specifically for businesses interested in Britain - online, B2B, B2C, goods, services - any market you can think of.

I am British and have lived in the north of England for 19 years; I know how we Brits tic

I have no fear phoning up your potential competitors, customers, suppliers and leads getting the answers you need.

Fill out a short form about your business proposition and leave the rest to me!

The Packages:

  • Beta Test: Approx 1-1.5 Pages of findings: the businesses I contacted, the questions I asked them, a summary of the answers and a brief conclusion.
  • Start-Ups Recommended: Circa 2.5 Pages: includes all above with in-depth analysis of firms contacted and more detailed conclusion.
  • Premium: Circa 4 Pages: the above with 10 business contacts + complete, detailed market analysis

Feel free to ask me any questions pre-purchase!

Custom orders: Detailed Market & Business Research reports carried out-

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