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  1. I will tell you whether to sign the contract - yes or no
  2. It will be my job to protect your interests
  3. I will check how the contract defines the relationship between you and the other party
  4. I will check how the contract defines the commitments you and the other party make
  5. I will check the statements of the contract against their marketing promises
  6. I will send you a comprehensive clause by clause report
  7. My suggestions might be to change words or numbers, or to delete clauses, or to add clauses
  8. We will be tough
  9. I can suggest that you should be aware of certain issues or even not to sign the contract at all
  10. Many contracts are signed after long processes and negotiations and I bring a new eye, a fresh perspective, an independent view and I have no emotional baggage
  11. I will check all stages including pre-contract, entering the contract, using the contract, contract breaches, ending the contract and post contract
  12. My report will be immediately useful and relevant
  13. I will send you my contract negotiation paper "Warning, Warning, Warning" for free

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